Hello everyone, I am a regular player and have been playing Dragon City since 2013. I am recently playing Dragon City for a second time from scratch.

I have a very strategic way of my own whilst playing Dragon City. My priority is to collect dragons and also to conserve my resources, e.g gold, gems, and typically *food

My other priority also includes to train stronger dragons. I know that you get stronger dragons by upgrading their level. (feeding) However, for my case, I am trying to conserve my resources as best as I possibly can.

Plus, another way to get stronger dragons is to place them in combats and gather their winning stats. It helps to boost their life and attack damage.

Linking to this, the Leagues Battle opponents are far too strong for a Level 37 me, because most of them have so much herioc dragons, *which i have none. And so I thought, 'the tournaments would give my dragons a chance to fight and be stronger'

As far as I progress, I am now facing an irritating issue. The tournaments kept on requiring higher level dragons to combat while the arranged opponents are seriously so much lower. For example, the tournament requires a Level 12 Dragon while the opponents are only between Level 4-7. And when I do feed my dragon in order to combat, I found that it is irritating to see a Level 10 dragon to have a life range of only 4000.
(it literally means that i have no chance against strong players with dragons that has enourmous stats on life and attack damages if i kept on doing what the tournament requires)

It's not really a complain and I would love to recieve some suggestions from better and experienced players on how I can encounter this problem.

Thank you for reading.