I have been playing this game since it was launched in 2014 I am in the Legendary league with 5.7k Trophies atm not saying Im the best at the game because I am not but I think I have some solid grounds to review the game on with all the time and effort I've dedicated to this game over the years and see it evolve as well with time. I remember been completely new at the game and having to face Dark Anubis, Drop elemental, Thorder, Vadamagma, Nebotus, and Darkzgul and just how OP this monsters were back then especially Thorder I had to face these powerful monsters with epics back then. I remember when Sasquatch came out that was my go to monster he was a beast during his time and would wreck havoc on the enemy. Honestly as a fellow player all I ask and recommend is a buff to the old breedable legendary monsters so they are not so useless and more people have access to them as well to be able to have a decent early/middle game These old legendaries have little to almost no place in today's meta and desperately need a strong buff to keep them relevant in the game where anticipation/area cast effects/positive effects dominate the meta and extra turns are pretty much what separates the viable ranking monsters top tier vs the ones that do not make it as such. As most of these OG legendaries lack this conditions and are mostly overpowered by other monsters . Just a suggestion from a fellow player Please Buff the old legendaries Social Point Thank you! tell me what you guys think below!

-Best Regards