Hello everyone and welcome to my 210th analysis, this time featuring Mirak.
Overview: Mirak is an extremely fast Metal monster, outsped currently only by Hobkin. This gives her the edge against important Metal deniers like Patient Cyber and Hackster, which is important. Moreover, she has access to some very useful buffs/debuffs like Control immunity to team and Total Blind to enemy team. Nanovirus blocks buffs, so that is useful to reduce the enemy's options against her. Her random Protection can be useful sometimes as well, given the different amount of elements on the field at one time. Random deny effects usually turn out to be devastating, as half of them are Mega versions which stops the target for 2 turns, making Mirak a terrifying denier.

-The First Law/Microbe Obliterator
-Deep Thought
-I Must Scream
-Go Robot
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune Options: Speed&Life
Relics: Masks and Traps
Build Explanation:
The First Law makes your team immune to Control and Torture effects, which makes dealing with them using methods not involving direct damage very challenging. You can use Microbe Obliterator instead to remove effects like Blind and Daze too, and the random buff can be important, so take caution on who you target with it. Deep Thought not only Total Blinds all enemies - perfect denying them - but it also removes their buffs and gives them Nanovirus to damage and to keep new buffs from being added to them. I Must Scream is another deny move that applies Metal Weakness and a random deny effect to all enemies, and usually at least one enemy will be inflicted with a Mega deny effect, making it a very effective move. Lastly, Go Robot is a single target version of Deep Thought that can be used against Mega Taunt and Dodge Area monsters. Microbe Obliterator can be used here as well.
3 Speed is necessary on Mirak to use Deep Thought or I Must Scream as quickly as possible. For Mutant Runes, Speed&Life are the only useful ones.

Teammate Options: I Must Scream comes with a Metal Weakness, which a Metal attacker can exploit. Torture immunity makes tanks like Dunn Ra and Koralle Brutalis excellent partners. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Mirak: Removing debuffs from own team nullifies the effects of Deep Thought, and removing enemy team buffs makes The First Law useless. Warmaster Elvira's team Blind immunity removes the Total Blind portion of Deep Thought. With each one of Warmasters Gortak, Thalassa and Necromancer you add to your team, the chances of I Must Scream working get lower. For more Counter options, check out this article.