I am the co-lead of the team "The Jenn Militia's Team." We have about 6 players who are active and are looking for more players who are likewise. We are willing to take on newbies to the game but are looking for the following:

  • active, doesn't have to be everyday, but at least every couple of days. Collect your gold, do your attacks in the wars (win or lose, it doesn't matter, just do some attacks to show that you are playing)
  • we don't require anyone to spend gems
  • we will give cells to players as long as they're active
  • you don't need to chat if you don't wish
  • this is a low pressure team

If this sounds like a team for you, please apply to join. The team looks like it is full but that's because we are giving some people a chance to show they belong. We will be giving some the boot very soon as they haven't done anything in weeks (and in some cases, months).