Hi, everyone.

We have done a change in the Team Wars, specifically, we have changed the Golden+ Relic Chest
When we carried out the Team Wars changes, the aim of the changes we did in regards to the Gold category chests were only meant to include the opportunity to purchase Golden Relics of specific categories with a chance of the relic being Diamond
However, due to a configuration mistake, we ended up putting a much more valuable chest in the shop.

We took some time to make the decision to revert this mistake since the launch of the chest since we saw it was greatly valued in the community.
The chests have been available for purchase for some time, benefitting players with a higher number of Relics, but we had to go back to the originally intended Chest.

We have recently been working on a feature where you will be able to sacrifice relics to obtain relics of any rarity (with a few exceptional relics), and while balancing that, realised that we could no longer keep the mistake in the game, because the impact on the economy would be directly translated to Diamond relics, a resource that some players have worked very hard or paid to obtain.

This is why we have had to fix the team wars Golden Relic chest issue.

We hope this does not cause major inconveniences to players and that the damage dealt may be compensated on our future updates in the game.