Hello everyone and welcome to my 5th analysis, this time featuring Tulekahju.

Tulekahju may possess only Fire type moves, but that doesn't mean he's a bad monster- in fact, he's very far from that statement. He can make your team immune to Freeze, which is very helpful in PvP where the status effect is abundant. He also has the Sticky Lava debuff which makes all enemies weak to Fire attacks, remedying his weakness against Fire monsters that resist all of his attacks. Furthermore, he has the Hardened trait which is always great. 3465 Speed is tied with General Darmith and Shallinar for the highest Speed(for now) among Fire monsters, and since most Fire monsters tend to run 1 Speed rune, Tulekahju will most likely outspeed or at least be speed tied with them.

-Open Flesh
-Skin Burner
-Ice Blocker
-Melting Sword/Cursed Flames
Runes: 3 Speed//2 Strength 1 Speed/ 1 Strength 2 Speed

This moveset fits PvP better since there are more monsters who use Freeze there. Open Flesh gives all enemies Sticky Lava, allowing Tulekahju to deal high damage when combined with Skin Burner. Ice Blocker makes your allies immune to Freeze, which helps against monsters like Caillech and Cavenfish. The last slot depends on the team you're going to use him on since the things both moves do are very similar, though Team Wars-wise, Cursed Flames is better since Fire monsters tend to use buffs a lot. 3 Speed must be run in order to outspeed Cavenfish and speed tie with Caillech(of the same level). Alternatively, running 2 Speed 1 Strength still outspeeds most Fire monsters, but it gives Tulekahju more power and makes him far less useful in his Freeze blocking role in PvP- as such, this set suits Team Wars more. A more direct approach is 2 Strength 1 Speed, which makes him an attacker that is still fast among Fire monsters.

Teammates: The 3 Speed variant can run monsters who are immune to Stun or Possession in order to ensure that the entire team doesn't get denied all at once. Running Tephra or Shallinar eases the work of both monsters as one applies Sticky Lava and then the other attacks.

Countering Tulekahju:use lucifire Not using a Freezing monster will greatly reduce the usefulness of his Ice Blocker, though it's still a 50 Base Power 0 CD move. Other than that, make sure Tulekahju dies quickly or doesn't move much as he will become more of a nuisance the longer the battle gets due to his tampering with (de)buffs.