The Dragon City team is implementing some new anti-hacking and anti-cheating measures in game. Alongside this we will be taking a strong anti-hack and anti-cheat stance to ensure our players have the best possible experience in-game.

For this reason we highly recommend you take some time to read and understand our new Fair Play guidelines, which can help you keep your account safe and legitimate.

We would also like to take the time to thank all of our Dragon Masters who have supported us in these efforts with their reports and suggestions, as we would have not have been able to fully assess the situation without your assistance.

This will be an ongoing battle, with more changes to come, and we will continue to improve and implement new systems to continue fighting the good fight. We thank you for your support and your understanding and hope that these changes will allow you to enjoy your time spent on the islands even more.

Please click here to read our new Fair Play Guidelines