Hello everyone and welcome to my 212th analysis, this time featuring Warmaster Sherezar.
Overview: Sherezar has access to some of the most powerful buff/debuff control in the game, in addition to a powerful deny skill if ranked up. In addition, Sherezar's Base Speed is simply outstanding, at 3575. He has Tough and gives his team True Vision, which doubles your monsters' Precision. As if this wasn't enough, Sherezar has an interesting SC too: Cooldowns Protection. As the name implies, this prevents opponents from activating the CDs of your monsters, which is an extremely huge boon. All of these combined make Sherezar a top tier threat that must be accounted for. His downsides include not being a denier unless ranked up and having low damage output, but the first one is not truly a weakness and the second one does not matter at all.

Monsters that have access to Group 4 skills will have a slightly different build path. I will list the most viable builds for each Rank since some moves in Group 4 are pivotal to some sets' success. The monster's role will likely remain the same, however, so this won't be exhaustingly long as I won't repeat the same things.

Rank 0:
-Great Dispell
-Curse Of Decay
-Wizard's Negation
-Master's Scroll
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life
Relics: Traps and Essences

Build Explanation:
Great Dispell removes all status effects from all monsters with 0 Stamina cost - this includes buffs on allies and debuffs on enemies, so be careful. The reason for its use, however, is the extra turn it gives, which is very helpful in dealing with the likes of Mega Taunt and Evasion casters. Curse Of Decay is an AOE with decent power, but it's used for the Curse it applies on all enemies: this Torture effect drains 10%, 20% and 40% Life and Stamina for the 3 turns it is active, totaling a drain of 70%. Wizard's Negation is yet another buff removal, but it's special in that it prevents enemies from getting any buffs for 3 turns too - also, it doesn't remove allies buffs and enemy debuffs like Great Dispell does. Lastly, Master's Scroll is useful for denying a single monster on the enemy team, most likely their denier.
3 Speed allows Sherezar to put his great Speed to good use, by removing pesky buffs from enemies before your main denier moves - Sherezar isn't one yet. As for Mutant Runes, Speed&Life is the only viable pick.

Rank 1: Sherezar learns "Protective Spell" at this level, removing debuffs from an ally and applying Positive Effect Protection to them, in addition to giving them one buff.
Even though this is not bad, there is no room for it move in Sherezar's moveset. Skip this move.

Rank 2: Sherezar learns "Grandmaster's Scroll" at this level, a Magic AOE move that activates the CDs of all enemies.
-Great Dispell
-Curse Of Decay/Master's Scroll
-Wizard's Negation/Master's Scroll
-Grandmaster's Scroll
Runes and Mutant Runes are the same as above.

Build Explanation:
With Grandmaster's Scroll being available, Sherezar turns from immensely helpful support into immensely helpful support that is also a denier. Other than that, the game plan doesn't change; annoy enemies by not letting them have buffs while Cursing them, and let your allies keep their buffs intact. Master's Scroll is still an option over Curse of Decay or Wizard's Negation to counter Dodge Area monsters if the enemy team has them - make the choice depending on the enemy team.

Rank 3: Sherezar learns "Rejuvenation" at this level, a Base 50 unresisted AOE that deactivates the CDs of all allies.
CD Deactivation without 0 CD has almost never succeeded in Monster Legends unless it has some other powerful effect attached to it, and that's because it essentially makes you do nothing for one turn. Rejuvenation is skipped for this reason.

Rank 4: Sherezar learns "Random Spellbook" at this level, a Base 20 Magic AOE that applies a random Control and Torture effect to all enemies, while applying a random buff to all allies.
-Grandmaster's Scroll
-Random Spellbook
-Great Dispell/Wizard's Negation
-Wizard's Negation/Curse of Decay/Master's Scroll
Runes and Mutant Runes are the same as above.

Build Explanation:
The history of random deny effects shows how powerful they are, and Random Spellbook is no exception to this. It also applies a random Torture to all enemies, alongside giving all allies a random buff, almost all of which are impactful. The choice in the last slot is again dependent on the enemy team and the 3rd slot: you may want to drop Great Dispell if there are Anticipation monsters on the enemy team that would ruin your buff removal. Otherwise, Great Dispell is 100% the better choice, having 0 Stamina cost and not losing momentum.

Teammate Options: True Vision can be exploited by Burotgor and Sting Westclaw, whose Blind effects will be balanced by it, essentially making them powerful damage boost + extra turn attacks. Other than this interaction, Sherezar is probably the best monster to just slap onto your team if you can't find anyone else. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Warmaster Sherezar: Anticipation is annoying for Sherezar since he can't use Great Dispell when it's around. Debuff removal is important to get rid of Curse and Positive Effect Block: monsters who have 0 CD debuff removal attacks exist. 0 CD moves in general are useful against Sherezar; for example, Hookuai can shrug off the Control portion of Random Spellbook and start bashing with Deadly Interruption. A Sherezar of your own is a very powerful counter too; you can cast Great Dispell to remove the CD Protection, then use Grandmaster's Scroll. For more Counter options, check out this article.