Hi all,

After co-leading a very good team called "massacre masters" for over a year, i feel its time for some new challenges. The team is great and very much above average, but im looking for more. There is simply too many mistakes like rainbow runes happening...

I think about everything and am as efficient as possible when playing this game. Currently, i am level 70 (yes, i keep my level low intentionally) with 18k mp and 3b cash. My ranked collection is very decent. Currently im on base lvl6 runes and upgrading to lvl9/10. I mainly play this game for the team wars and team events and would like a team that actually spends time on those, strategizing etc.
As for activity; i do attack 5/5 almost every time. In over 2 years of playing ive hardly missed any. Races are a bit harder for me as i work a lot, but i do get my fair share of points. I also dont mind spending some gems as long as most people do the same!

My profile:
alt text

My monsters: (i do have a good amount of 115's, i intentionally dont upgrade yet)
alt text

My current team:
alt text

Please do not reply to this thread if your team is not better than my current one. I am looking to grow further, not take steps back!

Im also very open to any form of communication like discord.

Let me know if your top team has an open spot for me! Need additional information? Just ask!

Kind regards,