Hello everyone and welcome to my 215th analysis, this time featuring Draghar.
Overview: Looking at his stats gives the impression that Draghar is an impressive attacker that can deal loads of damage to the enemy team. While he is, to some degree, capable of inflicting said "loads of damage", Draghar isn't as shallow as your usual attacker. Having AOE Sunburn as a SC is good for stacking damage, but a crucial boon is the minor Precision drop Sunburn brings along with it, and this means that deniers will have a harder time denying Draghar and his allies, especially since Draghar himself also has Hardened as his trait. Draghar can also stack some valuable Torture effects on top of this like Curse and Nightmares, which goes well with stally teams. Having access to Trait Disable is also extremely valuable in any given situation, and Draghar has both single and multi-target versions of this debuff, allowing him to nail Area Dodger monsters. This monster also comes armed with a very powerful damage boosting attack that gives him Evasion, which further adds to his viability. However, Draghar's moves' Base Powers really leave a lot to be desired, with his strongest attack having 50 Base Power. Plus, if the enemy team has a debuff remover, Draghar's valuable buffs will vanish. Finally, Draghar suffers from not being able to use all of his viable attacks at once since he has more than 4.

(All Out Attacker)
-Flight to the Sun
-Mark of Zeighar/Essence Devour
-Fuse Radar
-Undead Dragon/Essence Devour
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed
Mutant Rune Options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Swords and Traps

Build Explanation:
With his Torture effects providing an extra boost to his damage output, Draghar has the potential to be a great attacker. Flight to the Sun applies Double Damage and Sunburn to Draghar, but also Evasion, which is extremely good on such a skill since he will be safe under Evasion to get ready for a devastating boosted attack. Mark of Zeighar is Draghar's strongest AOE in terms of Base Power, and it applies the valuable Curse to all enemies, which is perfect for stacking damage. Fuse Radar is his strongest single target attack, removing buffs, dealing damage, disabling the target's trait, and the Stunning it in this order, so that the opponent's monster will get Stunned almost all of the time no matter which monster it is. For the last moveslot, Undead Dragon stacks up even more Torture effects. You might find Essence Devour's AOE Trait Disable very valuable - and it is - so you can replace either of the AOEs with it.

-Mark of Zeighar/Undead Dragon
-Essence Devour
-Fuse Radar
-Undead Dragon/Great Effort
Runes: 3 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength/3 Team Speed
Mutant Runes are all Life Mutations.

Build Explanation:
With all of the powerful Torture effects he has, Draghar has the potential to be a great supportive monster - especially considering that he can stack said Torture effects up really fast. Mark of Zeighar is again present for the Curse it provides, but Undead Dragon is again an option over it. Essence Devour and Fuse Radar are mandatory as Trait Disable is an extremely valuable debuff. Lastly, Undead Dragon can be picked up here if you didn't pick it up in the first slot, but an alternative is Great Effort, which is very helpful in stall teams for keeping the tank alive.
3 Speed makes Draghar as fast as possible, but use this only if you outspeed the enemy 3 Speed monster with it. If you don't, use 2 Speed 1 Strength to make his moves sting a bit more while still allowing him to outspeed most enemy attackers. Draghar is also a fantastic Team Speed holder with this set, since he doesn't necessarily need to be fast or strong for it to work.

Teammate Options: Attacker Draghar finds debuff removal on itself very valuable, since the Precision drop Flight to the Sun gives him might jeopardise his great turn. Supportive Draghar can fit in almost any team. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Draghar: No matter which variant it is, Draghar hates to see his debuffs removed - so a buffer is a powerful weapon against him. For more Counter options, check out this article.