Hello everyone and welcome to my 216th analysis, this time featuring Zeighar.
Overview: Zeighar has a very peculiar trait in Anticipation+Block Resurrects. Looking at his moveset, he doesn't possess an extreme amount of deny or deny-like skills either, which makes him a bit more situational compared to other deniers like Kihaku or Hackster, especially considering his lack of protection to any form of denial bar CD Activation. However, in those given situations Zeighar can shine, because the things his trait blocks are almost always core elements of the teams that use them. If nothing, Zeighar is faster than your average denier, tying with some impressive monsters like O'Reilly and Jasastur. In addition, he has good non-denial moves and effects such as Positive Effect Block, Curse and a free CD Deactivation on himself. However, as mentioned before, any faster denier is a nightmare for Zeighar as he cannot protect himself in any way from them, and also his trait's usability varies greatly depending on matchups.

-Ancient Dominator
-Mighty Servant
-Bend Will/Prince of Madness/Never-Dying Curse
-Dominate Enlightenment
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life
Relics: Essences and Staves

Build Explanation:
Ancient Dominator is your AOE deny move that also applies Bleeding to targets. Mighty Servant was explained before, and is excellent to counter CD Activations or possibly fish for a special if all else fails. Bend Will is used for the AOE Positive Effect Block it provides, and the Guard Down is nice too. Alternatives to this include Prince of Madness, which provides Stamina control in battles that necessitate it, or Never-Dying Curse, which just applies Curse to all enemies, but Curse itself is a strong debuff. The last slot goes to Dominate Enlightenment for one more deny move, and you can use Mighty Servant to reset the CDs of both this and Ancient Dominator, allowing Zeighar to deny one enemy for as long as his Life lasts.
3 Speed with Life Mutations is standard for a denier.

Team Options: Zeighar doesn't have many unique interactions, so for Teammate options, check this article.

Countering Zeighar: For Counter options, check out this article.