So I've recently come back to the game after taking a 2 year hiatus (good to know VoltaiK is still absolutely busted btw) and I've already joined a cool team and participated in some wars, and I've got back into the groove (it's like riding a bike, you never really forget).

Then the Dragon Awakening Maze dropped. I was pretty stoked to get some new monsters and a few old ones (been looking for another Daganth and Ao Loong to get some extra cells)

This is where things started to go downhill.

I've been playing a lot since I got back into the game, and I've been collecting a lot of maze coins, started off with Ao Loong and used a couple moves on Semargl. Oh boy... I've burnt through so many coins, and I'm just barely about to finish Ao Loong's path. The last move to collect Ao Loong costs 545 MAZE COINS!

That is absolutely insane.

I remember a couple years back I used to be able to get all 3 epics and even a legendary or 2 if I really grinded hard. The last couple moves for the epics would only cost about 200 coins. Now I haven't even gotten a monster yet and I've probably burnt through 3000 maze coins. I haven't even unlocked any of the other monster's paths yet

The maze island and maze coins desperately need a rework. It's a shame SP decided to change it to the point that it so heavily favors you to just buy coins. There's not even really a point to buying coins, you'd be better off just directly buying the monster. It seems like they also extended the paths so you require more moves (which means wasting even more coins)