We have all had that moment when your game crashes, right?

Whether it be a rune crafting gone wrong
& once in a blue moon game crashed
Your trying to breed 2 monsters and as soon as you select "GO" breed action and yup.. game crashes on you.. well sure its annoying, but it's no big deal right cuz you just reload game
Anytime we choose a selected action & the pukes on its self!! Forcing a resatart

How about during other times, let's say during a Progressive event when you pay to skip out the wee bit of a left over node!!

Well that's what happened to me during the "Wyrmlad" Progressive event that just passed.

I feel robbed after working so hard to get to the end of the 3rd node.. had the cost down to 40gem for 50 cells in the final minute, up to that point the game worked just fine.. however as soon as I selected the payout to skip
You guessed it game crashed at the worst possible time with about 1min. Left I selected the purchase of finishing 3rd node.

Thinking that my action on the buyout would of been at least recognized.. but yet once my game restarted, I was at a loss.. NO 3rd node 50 cell of Wyrmlad went into my account!!

I was patient I contacted support told them how I worked hard right up until the final minute's trying to collect every last few items to get cost as cheap as possible then purchase/skipped last few items

So wanna guess what their response is..
"Check my wifi?"

That's it, not hey yes we see you was online playing until the final min.
Not hey yeah we know our game crashes sometimes..
Just a simple lazy answer of "Check your wifi"

Now I have 50cells from 1st & 2nd nodes, that I had paid for over 150gems for that will sit and collect dust until God knows when

I believe if anything.. they should take 40gems from my account & give me the last 50cells, well this is what I asked for

But NO they will suck ever Gem they can

So now I'm stuck thinking i give back the 50 useless cells which obviously won't do me any good.. that i wasted over 150gems on & they refund my gems spent atleast

Hey if you choose not to help me, & just shrug it off as wifi issue.. when I know & they know "I hit the button/& that action made game CRASH" support won't even acknowledge that i was online right up to this final moment, like I asked them.. politely to do!

How is that good customer service to come up with a single silly answer of "check your wifi"

This Company has gotten worse & their get rich quick mentality off Races.. and now its setup so you have to spend what you've saved before a race starts, just to force players to need to buy more & more & more

That wrymlad event was set up to be the most expensive thing we've seen to date.. its timing was impressive drawing gem purchases out of us, the flooding of to many events back to back to back

& they won't even entertain the thought of "hey it's quite possible our game crashed on you and sorry it can get buggie, yes we will take 40 gem from your account to show good faith in you our loyal players here's 50 cell"

I know they won't trade back & refund what I spent

The customer service was looking for an easy to explain away the problem answer - instead of looking into the actual situation & question I presented them

So.. why is support getting lazy?
Simple.. to help make the company more $