Today, let’s take a look at the best deniers of the Good Legions book.

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Again, with deniers, the most important stat is speed. Here are the Good Legions ranked in order of their base speed:

  1. Cupid
  2. Thorder
  3. Laomu
  4. Atum’s Pet; General Shannara; Oghma
  5. Uria’s Pet; White Pandalf
  6. Alces’ Pet; Pixelion; Qin
  7. Ahran; Osur the Brave
  8. Ape-X; Brynhilda; Deadwolf
  9. Virtue
  10. Layth; Passion; Shakti
  11. Brontes
  12. Kulkan
  13. Arch Knight
  14. Shi Hou
  15. Rockantium

Tier 1:
Brontes is one of my personal favorite deniers even though he is by no means the fastest. He’s immune to stun, can stun the whole enemy team, and he can deal out one of the rarest denies: mega stun. What’s more is that a monster who was just recently stunned can still immediately be mega stunned! And I don’t think there’s a monster who is immune from mega stun (even the mountains). Correct me if I’m wrong here, folks.

With the third fastest speed of all Good Legions, Laomu is an excellent denier and supporter. She can give a random effect to the whole enemy team, possess a single target, poison enemies, and heal allies. With her Hardened trait she’s also less likely to get hit with debuffs herself.

For a time, White Pandalf was THE go-to denier of all the magic monsters. He ranks 5th in speed and is immune to possession. He can possess a single enemy, stun a single enemy, and give a random effect to all enemies.

Tier 2:
Pixelion is faster than most Good Legions and has the unusual characteristic of being able to deal 3 different kinds of elemental damage: magic, fire, and water. His fire attacks burn while his water attacks freeze (he’s got single and AoE flavors of both). He can also give a random effect to a single target. The only reason I consider him a tier 2 monster is that his AoE freeze has a 90% accuracy of hitting one target, then only has a 50% of freezing all enemies. If you can boost his precision, he’s an amazing denier.

Brynhilda is a water monster who is immune to possession. Her skills allow her to freeze all enemies, possess a single target while doubling their damage (although be careful; the double damage will last longer than the possession). Another ability has an abnormal 30% chance to possess all enemies. I’d rank her higher if this particular skill was better.

Tier 3:
Oghma is not a denier per se, but can give shields to all allies that block certain types of elemental damage. With both active, Dark and Special attacks are the only ones making it through. He can also give himself immunity from burning, blind, possession, freeze, nightmares, and poison.

Shakti is really more supportive but has some denial characteristics. He can remove 100% of an enemy’s stamina and hasten all allies. If haste ends up working in your favor, your monsters will get a couple turns in each before the enemy can.

Rockantium is really only worth mentioning in this grouping due to two single target stun skills. Other than that, he doesn’t really bring anything to the table.

Cupid and Thorder both suffer from being among the first Legendaries. So they aren’t worth much of anything anywhere. Ahran is a tank. A lot of folks really love Qin, and while he can stun a single enemy, he’s not a denier. Alces’ Pet is an interesting attacker who deals damage by ‘healing’ the enemy. Osur the Brave is a supportive healer. With his multiple healing abilities, I prefer to use Ape-X as a tank, but in any event, he’s no denier. Virtue focuses on giving and removing shields, not denying. Kulkan is a standard nature monster: poison, heal, and support. Arch Knight is another supporter. Shi Hou is an interesting monster who has the potential to be a good attacker, but for the fact that he stuns himself!

Atum’s Pet, General Shannara, Uria’s Pet, Deadwolf, Layth, and Passion are all best utilized as attackers.