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Dear Community,

A breath of fresh air has arrived at Dragon City, as the new Wind Element breezes into play.

The new Wind Element, which unlocks at level 19, comes with an all-new Habitat and the new Wind Dragon, both available for Gold in the store, to kick off your collection.

NOTE: please make sure to update your game to version 9.4 to take full advantage of the new Wind Element.

Elemental Affinities chart

How effective will Wind be in combat? Wind is a special element as it will only be effective against itself. Here is the updated Elements chart so you can keep track of everything.


Wind Tokens

You can earn Tokens for your Habitats in the usual way, as we will be including them as Rewards in events, temporary Quests and in future Arena Seasons.

Breedable Wind Dragons

Don’t worry! We’re still working on these and they will slowly appear in-game. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest announcements. We’ll also be bringing a new collection for our element soon so you can easily keep track and earn an exclusive Dragon.

Legendary Wind Dragon

The team was so excited about the new Wind Element, that they even designed the first Legendary Wind Dragon! Check it out!

But it’s missing a nameWant to help us name it? Check out our Facebook page soon!

The new Legendary Wind Dragon (and Wind Tokens!) will be available as a Reward in an all-new event coming soon to Dragon City.

That's all for now, Dragon Masters! Stay tuned!

Have a great day and see you back on the island.