Hello everyone and welcome to my 222nd analysis, this time featuring Wangzhou.
Overview: Wangzhou is an excellent denier. Extremely fast at 3531 Speed, one need only look at General Thetys' performance in the history of Monster Legends to see Wangzhou's power. Aside from having an AOE 100% Stamina Drain, he has a SC that removes 50% of all enemies' Stamina, which, when combined with his AOE that gives all enemies Stamina Leak and Drowned, leaves enemies at a measly 20% Stamina, which gives them one turn to move at most. He also has the ever-useful Hardened and moves that restore allies' Stamina, which gives him utility besides just denying. Wangzhou's only problems are the common ones all deniers face; being somewhat passive in terms of damage (though his Torture effects are impressive)and being screwed by faster deniers and Dodge Area monsters, but he still is a top tier denier that should definitely considered.

-Er Meng
-Er Zhe
-Zu Zhou
-Tieh Zhou/Meng Jing
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life
Relics: Masks and Amulets

Build Explanation:
Er Meng is Wangzhou's AOE deny attack that drains all Stamina from all enemies while applying Curse to them. This move is very deadly when combined with Er Zhe, a move that gives all enemies Drowned and Stamina Leak. If you use this after Er Zhe, the 2nd turn Curse, Stamina Leak and Drowned will bring enemies back to 0% Stamina, and the next turn they will take 3rd turn Curse and Drowned damage - all the while being denied for the 3rd turn. This combo results in explosive amounts of DOT in addition to denying the enemy 3 times, though the latter will probably be remedied by enemy Relics or 0 Stamina moves. Zu Zhou is a single target 100% Stamina Drain that also essentially recharges all allies, and this is used mainly so that Wangzhou is not totally helpless against Dodge Area monsters. Lastly, Tieh Zhou gives all enemies Nightmares in addition to recharging them, which gives Wangzhou every possible Stamina Draining effect in the game (as of writing). Meng Jing is an option over this to eat through a single target's Stamina; plus, it gives Wangzhou a chance to win against Dodge Area monsters should it come down to a 1v1.
3 Speed with Life Mutations is a denier's standard.

Teammate Options: For Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Wangzhou: Samael the Plague Carrier is an excellent counter, since he can use Samael Warrior to give 100% Stamina to any monster on his team, in addition to passing them the turn. Other monsters with 0 Stamina moves, like Hydratila forms and Hookuai, are also good picks. For more Counter options, check out this article.