Here is a general list of ideas that I think should be implemented into the game to improve the way we play. Let the Devs know so we can improve our gaming experience! Please make this post a popular one and add your very own ideas to this post. I’ll be glad to see what you guys think.

  • New Islands should be able to be paid with gold not gems. This provides free to play players a fair advantage as gems are not easily obtainable other than paying.

  • Edit/build system: This allows players to freely buy and move items around without having to tediously pick one item at a time. Instead, you can move things around in edit mode, buy multiple decorations at one time and drag pathways to create long paths. There should be a Build/Edit Icon as part of the system interface

  • MORE DECORATIONS. The decorations in Dragon City are very limited. We should have a wider range of items & decorations to further diversify our islands.
    Please add suggestions of what decorations you want included.

  • “Like” system : This lets players to “like” someone else’s city. These “likes” accumulate and shows next to the players level when you visit them. We can “like” anyones islands. These “Likes” do nothing more but just act as another social feature to the game.

  • Ability to add friends who are not on facebook. Friends list.

  • Mail system: send messages privately to other players.

  • improve the overall visuals and audio of the game.


  • Online & Offline Status : Surprisingly this has not been added. This will show who is online and who is offline in the alliance. If they are online there will be a green dot which says online next to their name. If they are offline, there will a red dot with the indicated time offline i.e. hours and days next to their name. Ultimately this helps us manage the alliance to see who is active and who is not.

  • Alliance Bank: Stores Gold and Food in which members can donate through. This will be an investment to a greater range if gameplay in the future which is discussed below:

  • Alliance Bank Features: Use the gold and food donated to; increase max members to (30 or 40) incrementally; alliance perks (increase dragon attack, defence, gold production, food production etc.); buy orbs and packs and many more. Add your own ideas as to what alliance bank can contribute to the alliance!

  • more alliance logos! Maybe create our own.

  • alliance ranking should be shown in the alliance tabs so everyone can see where we our ranked in the world (unique dragons, master points, Alliance chest, race) . Furthermore, it will also show the highest rank the alliance placed.

  • Alliance mail: send messages to the alliance.

  • alliance clan tag e.g. [RDM] , [RED] etc

Please add your own ideas to the post.
Thanks for reading through if you did!