Hello everyone. I felt the need to do this since unlike Runes, Relics get new additions once in a while, and it'd be a chore to update every single one of my analyses just to add said Relic to my list of options. Instead, I will analyse every respective Relic here and tell in which situations or on which kind of monster they'd be useful on so that you may experiment more freely and I may relieve myself of the need for updating my past analyses.
Before beginning, I must mention that some Relics are obviously weaker than others and some Relics are not useful at all. To more effectively show this, I will list the higher powered Relics before those inferior ones so that you can know the one below is weaker than the one above, but can sometimes be used as a substitute if you don't have access to the latter.
Traps primarily focus on Stamina Drain, but have other varying effects as well, like reducing Strength and Speed, or dealing damage to attacker.

Nabuline's Trap: Nabuline's Trap is an extremely potent Stamina Draining tool that is particularly effective at punishing attackers should they fail to one-shot, or rob enemies of their momentum and give you an edge.

Oblation Trap: Despite being an inferior Nabuline's Trap, this is one of the rare instances where I list a Gold Relic before some of the Diamonds, and it's because of how powerful the effect still is.

Mantis Claws Trap: Even though it drains more Stamina, this Trap is inferior to the Oblation Trap because it drains just from one enemy, plus the amount it drains becomes way past the maximum Stamina limit after some level, which is unnecessary. The damage it deals could be of interest to you, but Oblation is still better if you have access to it.

Taiga Trap: Inferior Mantis Claws Trap.

Ruby Trap: Inferior Mantis Claws Trap in most situations.

Ice Trap: Inferior Taiga Trap.

Delayer Trap: Skip.

Spirits Trap: Skip.

Pestilence Trap: If you gather multiple monsters with Trap slots and give them this Trap, it can make for hilarious Life reductions to allow you to finish the enemy off in a single hit with ease. If not using this strategy, the Pestilence Trap loses much of its use, though it still is an indirect increase in power for your monsters.

Recharging Trap: You want your monsters to be alive, not dead. Skip.

Punisher Trap: A much more inferior and reversed Oblation Trap.

Slowing Trap: Inferior Delayer Trap.

Energy Trap: Similar to Punisher Trap.

Exhausting Trap: Similar to the other two Stamina related Bronze Traps, but with a slightly higher power level.

Cold Trap: Freeze counterpart of Punisher Trap.