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Hello everyone!

Our latest CyberPunk Island has a very special Legendary Ticket as a reward. Obtain the Legendary Ticket and you will be able to claim a Legendary Dragon of your choice!

But how will it work? Find out below!

Step 1: Acquiring the Legendary Ticket

One of the paths in the maze includes the Legendary Ticket as the final reward. Complete the path and claim the Legendary Ticket first in order to choose your reward.

Step 2: Wait for the news

Approximately 24hrs after claiming the Legendary Ticket, you will receive a news pop-up in-game to allow you to choose your dragon.

The pop-up will only be available for 24hrs, so make sure to log in the day after claiming your Legendary Ticket to choose your reward.

Step 3: Choose your dragon

Once the pop-up appears, clicking on the button will lead you to a survey where you will be able to choose your Legendary Dragon from a list of available choices.

The Legendary Dragons you will be able to choose from are:

  • Terraformer Dragon
  • Guide Dragon
  • Aquarelle Dragon
  • Crystal Carrier Dragon
  • Darksteel Dragon
  • Poisonous Dragon
  • Baker Dragon

Step 4: Claiming your dragon

Approximately 24hrs after completing the survey you will be sent the dragon of your choice, ready and primed to join your collection!