⦁ Dragon City is a long term game. So you should not rush and try to do everything at once or get every dragon as soon as it shows up if you dont want to spend a lot of money.
• It is not necessary to spend real money on this game to progress, dragons for sale usually show up in later events so be patient and you will get them. Parents please make sure if your kids are playing the game they are not purchasing gems without your knowledge. Once purchased chances of a refund are slim.
⦁ Sometimes it is not possible to complete the new quests or events without spending real money. If you don’t want to spend cash, try and get the maximum number of dragons by sticking to the quest/event timer. Event dragons will show up again in future sales or events, so don’t worry if you miss one. For events always check our guides in general discussion section for helpful tips.
• We recommend you make a list of each dragon you have and if they have rankings (C- - A+) and stars in case of any issues with the game when you may need to know if something is missing( screenshots are always a good idea too. So you have proof if needed for support, we can help if you don’t know how to do that).
• When fighting in league, once you are done, select low level dragons before closing to make it easy for low level players to beat you, this will help them progress and will not affect your dragons. Dont foget to change them back before doing your next fights.
• The prices for upgrading hatchery are as follows: level 2) 15 gems, level 3) 30 gems, level 4) 60 gems, level 5) 120 gems and level 6) 150 gems. If you see a different cost please contact support and they will upgrade the hatchery for you at correct cost.
• The game server has a slight delay so when you are done in the game to ensure your progress is saved visit a neighbour or Ancient World and return to your city before closing the app, this is especially important during events/timed quests.
• For players using mobile/tablet, using puffin browser app to log into fb on your device will allow you to access the pc version of game. You will get daily rewards, Monday rewards, daily shuffle and black market, also wizards/shrines are available on pc but not supported on mobile.
• To request friends for help in your game add your name to the Official New Neighbor Find/Add thread: https://forums.socialpointgames.com/topic/88/official-new-neighbor-find-add-thread
• When you have finished breeding continue to breed fast low level dragons to sell to help with gold. Crystals available in store also help boost gold production.
• DO NOT send trained or ranked dragons to guardian towers for missions, there is currently a bug that removes stars and training. If Your dragons get stuck in the tower, use a pc or puffin to send them to breed or train and It should free them.
• You will often see pop ups in game saying things like get more gold/stronger dragon/beat you in battle and social buildings ect these are spam posts and will annoy your friends, just click out of them without sending.
• The food that gives the best return for gold is Super Producer. It gives 150k food for 20M gold and takes 24 hours. But most of the time we won`t have enough gold to do this. Then you should do Mass Harvester, 10k food for 1m gold and takes 9 hours to grow.
• There are 14 regular islands islands in game. First you have to unlock regular islands with gems for 1 plot, then you can buy the remaining plotss for gold. You can only put items on plots which you have purchased. Each one costs more gems than the one before. There are 4 more islands that we can only buy for real money.
⦁ We recommend to wait for sales when you want to buy islands, breeding tree, kindergartens, slots in the dragonarium or hatchery or upgrade breeding tree or mountain to get the best use out of your gems.
⦁ Also make sure that the "Gems Spend Confirmation" button in settings section is enabled to make sure that you not spend gems by mistake.
• To report a problem in your game, on pc scroll down to bottom of screen and click help and support, fill out the form. On mobile app go to settings (little gear in top right of screen) and click report a problem.
• Pc or Mac players that want to access the android version of the game can install blue stacks on to the pc/Mac device. Once installed, log into your Google account and download the dragon city app, then go through the tutorial in the game and reload, log into facebook, it will ask if you want to start a new game or continue with the facebook one (if you start again you will lose all previous progress).
⦁ In Ancient World mine as much as possible, you may think you have enough stones but you don’t, especially true for rubies also beware of clicking too quickly when mining, if you run out of platinum while clicking you will spend gems instead and there is no confirmation button to stop this happening! It is sufficient to evolve the dragons to level 2 once Ancient collection is done. Dont waste your time and recources to get them higher.
• Freebies island is a feature on the mobile version of game, it shows up after **21 days **playing and allows you to watch ads for gems/gold/food. It also has an earn gems tab where you can complete offers and get gems, (avoid any asking for email because it will spam your inbox) if you complete an offer and do not get the gems, open the earn gem tab and click the missing gems link and report it to the ad company.
⦁ Be careful with feeding. You will never have enough food for all these little critters. Choose a good fighting team for leagues and arena and only feed these. Others just feed to level 10 for gold collection.
⦁ Be a bit careful with levelling up to quickly. In PVP leagues you will be paired with opponents of the same level. So if you rush through the levels without having a fighting team that can beat them you will be lost.
⦁ When a new event starts check Game Events section for a guide before you start moving. Sometimes it takes a bit to put one up, so please be patient.
⦁ For many basic information you can find helpful links and explanations in comments in this thread: https://forums.socialpointgames.com/topic/1556/links-to-valuable-information