Hello everyone and welcome to my 233rd analysis, this time featuring Drakor.
Overview: As an Elite monster, Drakor is definitely above your average attacker or secondary denier. Immunity to Stun and Freeze allows him to combat 2 of the 3 big deny status effects, even though a lack of a SC or Hardened variant hurts. His damage output is also very respectable, possessing above 3600 Strength and a 0 CD Base 70 single target attack. But what puts all these traits together to make Drakor deserve his Elite status is Earthquaker, a Base 35 AOE move that Stuns and Mega Stuns all targets, which not only is useful against Hardened variants, but also a game changing move, being an AOE Mega Stun. Despite all these pluses though, Drakor might feel a bit bland for an Elite monster when compared to other Elites like Cain, Gorg or Wyrmlad.

-Ddrag Fangs
-Ddrag Breath
-Tusk Axe/Chosen Dragon
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/3 Team Speed/3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life, Team Strength&Team Life
Relics: Armors

Build Explanation:
Earthquaker and Ddrag Fangs were mentioned above as two of Drakor's most powerful attacks. Ddrag Breat has a perfect 50 Base Power. Lastly, you can pick Tusk Axe for its power against Dodge Area monsters or Chosen Dragon to boost the power of your fire moves.
You can make him a standard attacker with 2 Strength 1 Speed, or a secondary denier dedicated to speeding up your team with 3 Team Speed. If you can make him outspeed all enemies with 3 Speed, you can give him that spread to make him your primary denier. All these spreads use Life Mutations.

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