Hello everyone and welcome to my 235th analysis, this time featuring Neobuki.
Overview: Neobuki is a top tier support with extremely powerful buffs, alongside debuff cleaning. These are already very noticeable and make her very good, but one thing in particular puts Neobuki on a whole new level: her trait, Positive Effect Protection. What this means is that the Taunts, Double Damages and Torture/Control Immunities she applies to herself cannot be removed by buff removal, and what's even better is that unlike normal Positive Effect Protection, this one can't be removed unless you disable her Trait, essentially giving your buffs Evasion, if that makes sense. Despite her lack of Tortures or Control effects, Neobuki still remains one of the best supports.

-Yokodzuna Form
-Shinigami Form
Runes: 1 Team Speed 1 Strength 1 Life
Mutant Runes: Team Speed&Team Life, Strength&Life, Life&Speed
Relics: Shields

Build Explanation:
Yokodzuna Form gives the other 2 monsters Evasion, while giving Neobuki Taunt + Double Life, which is very useful to emulate Taunt as a Trait alongside Dodge Area monsters or to simply make single target attacks shaky. Hikari removes all debuffs from all allies and gives them Control Immunity, a very powerful move. Shinigami Form is useful in case your team has debuffs on it or Neobuki has a debilitating status effect on her - it cleans all debuffs on your team without losing momentum, and gives Neobuki Double Damage to make her moves hurt more. Decide on the last slot based on the enemy team - mostly, you'll be running Maegashira for the Torture Immunity, but if the enemy is short on Tortures, Izanagi for an offensive pick or Sekiwake for focusing on survival is good too.
The given spread increases the value of Yokodzuna and Shinigami Forms while speeding up the rest of the team. You can replace either the Strength or Life Rune with another Team Speed to fine tune Speed stats if necessary.

Teammate Options: As mentioned before, using Dodge Area monsters with Neobuki will create the Taunt + Dodge Area combo as good as Clipeum or Koralle Brutalis can. If she dies, Wyrmlad can revive her with St. George's Apprentice, and since it gives Evasion which can't be removed thanks to her trait, only monsters with Pierce can do anything to her in that state. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Neobuki: The best way to counter Neobuki is to focus on removing the buffs of her teammates instead of focusing on removing hers. In the event that there is a Dodge Area monster on the enemy team, you must remove her trait, then remove her buffs, or she'll clean the Trait Disable off herself. For more Counter options, check out this article.