Dragon Masters!

We are increasing the Habitats limit up to a new max. of 190 habitats! Yay! And together with this new habitats limit, we are also bringing a NEW island to Dragon City, the Mystic Island!

Would you like to know more? Keep reading and find out more information!

We are Increasing the habitats limit!

We are adding 15 more habitats, so the new max limit is 190 Habitats! ☺ 🎉


But this is not all, Dragon Master. We have another surprise in store... 😮

New island: the Mystic Island!

First of all, let's take a look first at the island DESIGN!

The Mystic Island, like the Marvel and Wonder Island, will be available to you in the game (only purchase) and it will hold many goodies to discover!

  • 2M Food
  • 160 Gems
  • and a brand new exclusive Legendary Dragon: The Jewel Dragon!
    You will be seeing this egg in the middle of the new Mystic Island
    0_1563896890532_Screenshot 2019-07-23 at 17.46.47.png

And now, would you like to see how this new Dragon looks? 😮 😮


We hope your dragons enjoy the extra SPACE.

Thank you all very much and see you back on the island.