Hello everyone and welcome to my 237th analysis, this time featuring Silverleaf.
Overview: Silverleaf, like Zizania, has an evolving trait that gives him Hardened at Rank 0, Possession Immunity from Rank 1, and SC Team Possession Immunity from Rank 3. While this Trait evolution is situational, Silverleaf's moveset is still incredible, having debuff removals, Skill Mirrors, Possessions and Stamina Drains alongside a fantastic 3542 Base Speed. This makes Silverleaf a notable denier, since deniers that venture into supporting are very powerful in the current meta.
Rank 0: Hardened: Can't go wrong with this, gives some all around protection.
Rank 1: Hardened + Possession Immunity: Another layer of protection against denying, which is always appreciated, and Possession is the deadliest of the 3 main deny effects, so it's made even better by that.
Rank 3: Hardened + Possession Immunity + SC: Team Possession Immunity: Immunity extends to the team, and the enemy need to remove both his trait and his buffs to get rid of it on Silverleaf. An appreciated upgrade.

-Sage of the Diviners
-Nonviolent Disobedience
-The Other Cheek
-Path of Hikuri/Turn Back Their Rage/Kambo Ritual
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life
Relics: Staves and Amulets

Build Explanation:
Sage of the Diviners is the AOE deny move of Silverleaf. Nonviolent Disobedience is useful in many ways; it removes 75% Stamina from all enemies, which will usually allow them to use 1 move before being forced to recharge, it removes all debuffs from the ally team, and applies Daze to all enemies, reducing the likelihood of status effects landing. The Other Cheek gives the team Regeneration which helps with survival, and more importantly it gives Skill Mirror to the team, which is an immensely powerful buff. The last slot goes to either one of the single target versions of the first 3 moves. They're useful for dealing with Dodge Area monsters and to apply your first 3 moves' effects once again.
3 Speed with Life Mutations is the standard denier spread.

Teammate Options: Skill Mirror has interesting interactions, like using moves on your team/self twice, or reflecting a single ally attack back to the user. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Silverleaf: For Counter options, check out this article.