Dear community,

A new event exciting event is coming to the Dragon City Islands: the Music Festival Event! Keep reading and find out more:

The crowd is restless and waiting to hear the Music Festival Dragons play! But it appears they got locked in their dressing rooms while getting ready. Appease the crowd and rally the performers to make their most awesome concert yet!

Go on tour and travel to cities all over the world and gain followers with every performance to top the charts!

Music Festival Event Overview

From August 8th until August 20th, collect your music festival dragons and go on a world tour with them to gain amazing rewards! Also, gain as many Followers as possible by participating in the following events:

  • Music Festival Island
  • Dragon Rescue Event
  • World Tour Temporary Quests
  • PvP Master Arena
  • Daily Calendar Rewards

NOTE: the higher the number of FOLLOWERS you've obtained, the better the rewards you will receive. (Once you reach a followers milestone, you will receive the reward within the next login to the game )

Music Festival Island

Dates: 8 - 19 August (11 days - Maze Island)

Objectives: Get the dragons that are needed for the World Tour Quests! Also, a place to gain some followers.

New Dragons to claim: 4 NEW Dragons!

  • K-pop Dragon
  • Black Metal Dragon
  • Psychedelic Dragon
  • Rap Dragon (Temporary path)

Dragon Rescue: Metalhead Groupies

Dates: 9 - 15 August

3 New Dragons to be claimed:

  • Whipper Dragon (easy path)
  • Chains Dragon (find its Orbs along the path!) and Crusher Dragon (claim it at the end of the path)
  • and… what about the hard path? Well, it’s time for your Heroic dragons to be called into action! Use your Heroic Dragons to get Heroic rewards (random Heroic orbs & Joker Heroic Orbs ) along the hard-path!

World Tour Temporary Quests:

Dates: 9 - 19 August

Objective: The main rewards is... Followers!

Cities: We will be traveling to London, Barcelona, New York, L.A., Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Dubai, Tokyo and Paris! 10 cities, 1 per day. So every 24 hours, a new city!

Requirements: these World Tour Quests will always require at least 1 dragon from the Music Festival Event.

Where can you gain Followers?

Follower decorations can be obtained by completing certain actions in the game, for example, Quest battles, opening chests of the Music Festival island, etc.

3 different types of Followers decorations: 500K, 1M, 10M Followers deco.

Remember that the higher the number of FOLLOWERS you've obtained, the better the rewards you will receive (once you reach a Followers Milestone, you will receive the reward within the next login to the game!)

You will be able to gain Followers in many different areas of the game:

  • Daily Rewards Calendar
  • Music Event Island
  • World Tour Quests
  • Dragon Rescue
  • and also in Master PvP Arena! Yes! For players battling in the Top Master PvP Arenas, they will have the chance to get Followers as rewards!

0_1565258166065_1.Music Festival followers collection.png

Pro tips:

  • No need to place the followers' decoration on your island.
  • Do not sell them until the event comes to an end! Keep the decorations in your storage.
  • Bonus track: Get Followers for free in the Daily Calendar Rewards!
    Don’t forget to check it out because during the event we will be giving you some followers as a reward: 9th August, 11th August, 13th August, 15th August and 18th August. Mark those days in your calendars and don’t forget to log in!

PvP Master Arena

Dates: 8 - 20 August

Here's all the information for the upcoming special edition PvP Master Arena Music Festival:

0_1565083286688__Music Festival Arenas 2.png