Hello everyone and welcome to my 239th analysis, this time featuring Lighterium.
Overview: Lighterium has a great Speed tier that's complimented by his access to some good deny and support moves, with effects like Evasion, Sunburn, Possession and Sunburn in addition to status control. Lighterium is a special denier thanks to having a move that can target Area Dodge monsters at the same time as he denies all enemies. However, Lighterium's most useful trait evolutions come from extremely high ranks.
Rank 0: Blind Immunity: Underwhelming, leaves him vulnerable to all kinds of status.
Rank 3: Blind Immunity + Hardened: Much better trait thanks to a layer of protection.
Rank 5: Blind Immunity + Hardened + SC: True Vision: Not extremely necessary, but appreciated nonetheless. Reduces or removes luck in hitting enemies, not to mention it's great against Draghar's SC.

-Someone's Always There
-Searching For The Light
-Something's Always Near
-I Have A Constant Fear/I Feel A Little Strange/Something's Watching You
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life
Relics: Staves and Shields

Build Explanation:
Someone's Always There allows Lighterium to nail Dodge Area monsters, since it applies Possession to the target, then applies Possession again to all enemies - it can also be used on monsters with Hardened variants to reduce the chances of it missing. Searching For The Light is extremely useful, as it not only clears annoying debuffs like Tortures and Precision modifiers, but also gives all allies Control Immunity, strengthening them for the turns to come. Something's Always Near can be used to Possess an enemy for two turns in a row thanks to its buff removal removing Recently Possessed as well, or you can use it to remove buffs from a dangerous enemy. The last slot depends on the enemy team and personal preference: I Have A Constant Fear can be used if you want Lighterium to have Evasion, I Feel A Little Strange can be used to extend your deny movepool and have an AOE Torture effect, and finally, Something's Watching You if you want the AOE Sunburn from I Feel A Little Strange but feel like the Possession it provides is worth less than the AOE Daze.
3 Speed with Life Mutations is the go-to spread for deniers.

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