Hello everyone and welcome to my 240th analysis, this time featuring Madam Fusion.
Overview: Madam Fusion is a blazing fast support who is very reminiscent of Belbreath - possessing extra turn attacks with very useful effects attached to them. However, Madam Fusion also has a move that applies Trait Disable, and another one that removes buffs, but the most important part is that both of these have 1 CD, meaning that they can be used consecutively, allowing her to Trait Disable or remove buffs multiple times. This paves the way for a devastating attack from a teammate, made possible by a turn transfer skill she has that also removes debuffs - you can transfer the turn to a denier to deny enemies that were crippled by Madam Fusion's moves, or to an attacker that can attack safely thanks to removed defensive buffs. Even though Madam Fusion greatly relies onher teammates to be lethal and is almost useless without them, it makes her no less deadly.
Rank 0: Hardened - You can't go wrong with this.
Rank 1: Hardened + SC: Evasion: This makes Madam Fusion infinitely more powerful, since she has great status control. Evasion allows her to dodge the enemy's crippling debuffs and rid an ally of said debuffs without any hassle while still crippling enemies.
Rank 3: Hardened + SC: Evasion + Positive Effects Protection: Another layer of protection almost guarantees that Madam Fusion will keep her Evasion, making most debuffs useless against her team - this elevates Madam Fusion to very great viability levels, given that debuffs are one of the most common win conditions in Monster Legends.

-Excuse Me
-Ingenica Taught Me
-Your Turn!
-Focus Fusion/Inertial Confinement Fusion/Pyroelectric Fusion
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life, Speed&Stamina
Relics: Banners and Staves

Build Explanation:
Excuse Me removes buffs from the target, and Ingenica Taught Me applies Trait Disable to the target. Both of these moves have 1 CD and give Madam Fusion an extra turn, so they can be used alternatively, meaning you can flexibly remove the buffs and disable the traits of enemies - the latter is especially deadly against Anticipation monsters. Your Turn! is a turn transfer that also removes debuffs from the target, and combined with her 2 previous moves this makes it a centerpiece of her moveset. Focus Fusion is a way to combat Stamina Drain, one of the few counters to Madam Fusion, since she can't do much if her allies can't move - plus, extra turn spammers greatly enjoy the Stamina Regen, and the move costs 0 Stamina as well. An alternative is Inertial Confinement Fusion, a move with 0 CD that also clears all debuffs from your team, and this works wonders against Torture heavy teams. If neither Stamina Drain nor large amounts of debuffs is not present on the enemy team, you can run Pyroelectric Fusion to make Madam Fusion have some offensive presence, though this isn't recommended too much.
3 Speed with Life Mutations allow Madam Fusion to quickly disable the traits of enemies and pass the turn to an allied attacker or denier. Team Speed can be used in later levels to take advantage of her Evasion and let some allies move twice - this is done by making Madam Fusion slower than the ally you want to move twice.

Teammate Options: Extra turn spammers greatly enjoy Madam Fusion's presence as her description hints, since she can disable traits with ease, including Anticipation. This makes them especially suitable partners since extra turn spammers are the attackers that hit the hardest overall and have the highest chance of wiping an enemy team out. A monster with deny moves is also good, since she can pass the turn to that monster for them to deny the Trait Disabled monsters with ease. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Madam Fusion: This is tricky to manage, since Anticipation alone won't work on her like it works on most other extra turners thanks to Ingenica Taught Me, and debuffs are largely ineffective thanks to Your Turn!. If she doesn't have Evasion, it becomes a matter of being faster and denying her. However, it becomes way more difficult past Rank 1. Pairing an Anticipation user with a Taunt monster will prevent Madam Fusion from disabling Anticipation right away and will give you a chance to disrupt her - this is made even better by the fact that when the Anticipation user gets the turn, Madam Fusion will no longer have Evasion. Monsters with Skill Mirror casters like Warmaster Remntar will have similar results, as this will make Madam Fusion hesitate on using Trait Disable on her right away out of fear of the enemy stealing her momentum with a reflected extra turn attack. If you have none of this, focus on taking down her teammates down before her, as this will leave her defenseless and passive - your team needs an attacker that can quickly eliminate enemies for this to work. For more Counter options, check out this article.