The points you earn toward the 30 total wins(to get your 10 tokens) are on a bit of a delay. That's obvious from the last time and this time. But that's not my question here.

I completed my last session in the duels to hit the goal of 30 wins, and then did not fight any more. I had a total of 35 wins and scored the 10 tokens. I later come back to the game and it now it shows that I have 5 wins, and shows that I've hit the checkpoint to earn 2 tokens for the first prize.

Is this reset intended? Are you able to run through the challenge multiple times? This also reset my rank, putting way down low to represent my rank with only 5 wins. Finally, the total tokens I have in my inventory right now is only 11. I would expect that since the last battle I did got me 10 tokens and now it shows I got 2 more tokens, the total should be 12, not 11. (I think I may have had 1 token when completing the challenge, so that would make sense, which means that +2 it's showing didn't really pay me 2 at all.)

At this point I'm not sure if I should continue doing battles or not. Will I get the tokens from reaching the milestones of wins if I do it again? I'm worried I won't get the tokens.

Please respond if this is how the challenge is supposed to be or if it's a bug. Thank you.
(I did not see this addressed by Fox in updates)