So this is an important topic that I'd like to address, since Live Duels have been a thing for a while now. First of all, let me point out that my monster analyses are based on PVE - that is, you use your monsters against the AI. This distinction is important to make because some strategies, like fast turn transfers or extra turn spammers, are greatly nerfed, or even unusable, in Live Duels since all extra turn moves have a turn of warm up. AOE deny moves and single target Mega deny moves also have warm ups, so this makes the strategies there slightly different than what you'd normally use. However, I do not plan on making analyses for Live Duels, and this is because I feel like Live Duels are sort of like a mini game within Monster Legends, and it's easy to grasp how Live Duels work once you partake in a few of them. Furthermore, my analyses will hold true for the most part in Live Duels, so you can apply them there and tweak your strategies based on what you face and what everyone seems to focus on.