Hello everyone and welcome to my 243rd analysis, this time featuring Eisul.
Overview: Eisul is surprisingly fast for a tank, and is the first tank in the game to have both a Mega Taunt SC and regular Taunt as a trait, making him extremely effective at taking single target attacks. Similar to Mephisto, Eisul has excellent Stamina control, which is one of the best things a tank can do nowadays. In addition, Eisul has some impressive deny skills too, including a Mega Possession. However, to get the Mega Taunt SC you have to rank him up to Rank 3, which is a bit annoying.
Rank 0: Taunt: Excellent trait, it's what makes Clipeum and Koralle Brutalis good.
Rank 1: Taunt + Freeze Immunity: Being a Water monster and having a Freeze Immunity is always good.
Rank 3: Taunt + Freeze Immunity + SC: Mega Taunt: This is the really good stuff, it's what makes the tanks that have it top tier. Prevents enemy deniers from simply being too fast and denying everyone.

-Dark Breed
-The Puppet Master
-Dreamcatcher/Body Snatcher/Contamination
Runes: 3 Life
Mutant Rune options: Life&Speed
Relics: Traps and Armors

Build Explanation:
Dark Breed is an AOE Curse, which is extremely strong. Decoy allows Eisul to refresh his Mega Taunt if it gets removed, and it also has Damage Mirror, which will deal great damage to the attacker since it will reflect back all 3 instances of damage AOEs deal. The Puppet Master is a strong deny move that stops an enemy for 2 turns, and can even allow you to steal the enemy's buff moves during the Total Blind turn. Lastly, Dreamcatcher drains Stamina very fast, especially when combined with Dark Breed. Body Snatcher can also be used here to have another deny move, and the AOE Blind can be a lifesaver. Another option is Contamination, which gives Eisul another Total Blind and team Precision, which can help greatly with Hardened variants.
3 Life with Speed Mutations is a standard for tanks.

Teammate Options: You can use more diverse Stamina Drain effects, like Drowned or direct Stamina Drain, to lock the enemy. It's handy to have a buffer to remove Positive Effect Block or Nanovirus off him, or to rid him of Tortures. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Eisul: Clipeum and Wangzhou can deal with his Stamina Drains effectively. Removing his Possession is important since even if the first turn is a Total Blind, the target may use a good supportive move to help the enemy on that turn. For more Counter options, check out this article.