Treasure Cave is coming back as its new and improved version. There are some small changes that you should be aware of before jumping into some spelunking business again.

From now on the Treasure Cave is no longer a permanent feature but will appear only from time to time.

Now the Treasure Cave only has 45 Floors.

Better Rewards
You can now find Relics and Nemesis/Elite Souls in the Cave.

Better Chances
If you’re lucky, you’re now able to reach the end of the Cave with a much lower number of traps!

Don’t miss your window!
Starting August 30th at 12 pm CEST, it will allow one entrance every 12h, so you’ll be able to explore it up to 6 times during these 3 days. Don’t miss your window!

You’ll be able to enter the Cave between August 30th and September 2nd at 12 pm CEST.