Hello everyone and welcome to my 244th analysis, this time featuring Mop.
Overview: Mop has some of the best non-Warmaster stats out there, with 3498 Base Speed which is perfect for an attacker, a solid 38k Base Life and 3663 Base Strength allowing him to hit very hard. Mop focuses on Stun and Shock alongside raw damage, letting him counter extra turn spammers and take on a control role, which is great for taking on other attackers as he'll likely be faster than them. His evolving trait ends at Control Immunity, and when combined with Hardened, this makes Mop very resilient to debuffs. Unfortunately, Mop's trait evolution is very slow so most players won't be able to get the Control Immunity, and Mop's movese might feel a bit underwhelming when compared to other race monsters like Mirak and Marquis De Flambe.
Rank 0: Hardened: Always good to have.
Rank 3: Hardened + SC: Precision: Precision gives Mop a layer of protection against Precision modifiers, which is greatly appreciated.
Rank 5: Hardened + SC: Precision + Control Immunity: No, that Control Immunity is not part of the SC, which makes it infinitely better. If you can get Mop to this level, you'll have a very solid attacker on your hands.

-Sinkin In A Bathtub
-Just You Wait!/Puss Gets The Boot
-I Eats Me Spinach
-Fiddlesticks/Dizzy Dishes
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Swords and Traps

Build Explanation:
Sinkin In A Bathtub has 60 Base Power against a single enemy, and 30 Base Power against the other two, and the Quicksand + Shock to the initial target while just Shock to the 2 others further extends the damage. Just You Wait! has no damage, but it Stuns and applies Shock to all enemies. Alternatively, Puss Gets The Boot does the same thing to a single enemy, but removes its buffs before doing so, and you may prefer that over the AOE. I Eats Me Spinach gives Mop a bunch of useful buffs, most importantly Double Damage. Lastly, Fiddlesticks has the highest power of Mop's attacks with an added Daze, whereas Dizzy Dishes is a Base 40 AOE with Daze.
2 Strength 1 Speed with Life Mutations is the standard on attackers.

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