Hello everyone and welcome to my 245th analysis, this time featuring Positron.
Overview: Positron trades direct damaging attacks for some of the most powerful deny and support skills in the game. Coming with an impressive 3531 Speed, Positron can tie with some big threats like Patient Cyber and Saulot and outspeed others like Storm Beard. Like Lighterium, Positron has a skill that applies a deny effect to one enemy and then another deny effect to all enemies, giving him a weapon against Dodge Area monsters. He also has loads of strong buffs and debuffs, making Positron a big name on the battlefield.
Rank 0: Hardened: Can't go wrong with this, gives some all around protection.
Rank 1: Hardened + Blind Immunity: This is great for Positron since it gives him a weapon against Mirak's Deep Thought and other strategies revolving around Precision modifiers.
Rank 3: Hardened + Blind Immunity + SC: Team CD Protection: This counters Timerion and Patient Cyber, making Positron a great answer to them.

-Nakama Power!
-Neutrino Gives Me Strength
-Out Of Pessimism/Anti-electron/Beware Of Timmy!
-Anti-electron/No More Injuries/Friendly Torture
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life
Relics: Banners and Masks

Build Explanation:
Nakama Power! refreshes the CDs of the target and removes all debuffs from it, and it has 0 CD which means you can spam it. Neutrino Gives Me Strength activates the CDs of its target, and applies Possession and Drowned to all other enemies - this is your deny skill that also hits Dodge Area monsters. Out Of Pessimism is great against Torture-heavy teams and also Stamina Drain teams since they tend to use Curse and Nightmares, plus it also removes all debuffs on all allies with its use. Alternatively, Anti-electron is a powerful deny move that is useful against Hardened variants and buff-induced protections. The last option here is Beware Of Timmy!, which is mostly used for the Dodge Area it gives to a single ally, but the CD Protection is nice too. Anti-electron can be used in the last slot as well, but No More Injuries can be used as a follow-up to Neutrino Gives Me Strength, since its's another single target CD Activation with an added AOE Stamina Leak, which pairs well with the aforementioned move's Drowned. Friendly Torture can also be used to give all enemies Nanovirus, which is great to counter Mega Taunt users and monsters like Neobuki that give their teammates powerful buffs.
3 Speed with Life Mutations is the standard on deniers.

Teammate Options: Gorg's Harpoon Gatling Gun can be refreshed every turn with Nakama Power! to Stun enemies for as long as Positron and Gorg's Stamina lasts. Mega Taunt users can also make great use of said move to give themselves Mega Taunt until the opponent can't remove it - Dunn Ra is perfect for this since her Gates Of Giza costs 0 Stamina, meaning only Positron's Stamina matters. Monsters with the Taunt trait can be used and you can use Beware Of Timmy! on any team member except the Taunt monster to make the target of the move invulnerable. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Positron: CD Activation and Possession are the deny methods that Positron uses, so being unfazed by them makes you safe from most of his attacks - Hookuai has ways to work around both of these effects. Most of the newer monsters, like Mirak, Silverleaf and Volthar, are faster than Positron and can deny him. For more Counter options, check out this article.