Hello everyone and welcome to my 247th analysis, this time featuring Hobkin.
Overview: Hobkin has very high Speed, with which he can outspeed most enemy supports. Focusing mostly on buff/debuff control, Hobkin can also dish out nice amounts of damage or apply valuable buffs like Dodge Area, or random protection effects - in addition, his SC, Stamina Regen, makes Stamina Draining tactics far less useful, and unless you're Wangzhou, you're not draining the Stamina of Hobkin's team. These traits give Hobkin a level of usefulness that is great at least and amazing at most, making him a fantastic support monster.

-Cuckoo's Countdown
-Retreat and Regroup
-Best Escape Tool/Retreat/Regroup
-Destination Unknown/Retreat/Regroup
Runes: 3 Team Speed
Mutant Rune options: Team Speed&Team Life
Relics: Traps and Essences

Build Explanation:
Cuckoo's Countdown deals damage equal to 50% of the target's maximum Life, which saves Hobkin from being totally passive and gives him a way to apply offensive pressure. Retreat and Regroup removes all buffs from the enemy team and removes all debuffs from your team at the same time, making it a perfect buff/debuff control skill. Best Escape Tool gives the target Dodge Area, which can save an ally from AOE wipe strategies or deny spam. Lastly, Destination Unknown gives your teammates a random protection effect - these effects are different on each teammate and there are many Phobic Shields or other useful defensive buffs, so most of the time at least one ally will get a very powerful buff. In the last two slots, Retreat or Regroup can be used to remove debuffs from your team or remove buffs from the enemy team respectively, but what makes them worth your time is the fact that unlike Retreat and Regroup, these moves have 0 CD, which means you can spam them to remove debuffs or buffs constantly. I do not recommend both of them at the same time as this makes Hobkin purely a buff/debuff controller, but if you feel like the battle will require this, you can choose to do so.
3 Team Speed with Team Life Mutations suits Hobkin's role the best, and is the standard support spread.

Teammate Options: Best Escape Tool with a Taunt monster works wonders, as you can use BET on your non-Taunt ally to make it invincible for as long as the buff lasts or the Taunter stays alive. On more offensive team comps, Cuckoo's Countdown will prove to be marvelous, thanks to its ability to wear down any monster very quickly, especially tanks. Extra turn spammers will greatly appreciate Hobkin's SC. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Hobkin: Don't use Stamina Drain against him, as his SC will likely give his allies enough Stamina each turn to allow them to use their moves. Try not to rely on status to defeat him, as Hobkin has great control over status effects - instead, try dealing direct damage, or deny him if you want to use status anyway. For more Counter options, check out this article.