In looking at deniers, I like to start by sorting all the monsters by their speed.

  1. Kassia
  2. Gretchen
  3. Lau Lau
  4. Zyla the Faithful
  5. Queen Luthien; Sarah
  6. Bright; Caillech; Demise; Lilysha; Mommy; Shallinar
  7. Nidaria
  8. General Shannara; Incognita; Lux Aura; Violet
  9. Commander Alvid
  10. General Thetys; Little Red Furry Cap
  11. Brynhilda; Fampira; Obsidiane
  12. Basthet
  13. Cyan Nathura
  14. Leviana

This book has a lot of great monsters to choose from. There are several attackers, several deniers, and a few really good supporters. But remember, for best deniers, we’re looking for the monsters that tend to do the best job of preventing the enemy from attacking. As with all deniers, your true best option is going to change depending on your enemy (no since bringing a freezer to a fight against enemies who are immune to freeze!). First tier:

We have to start with one of the best all arounders: General Thetys. She's obviously not the fastest of the Female monsters, but she WILL deny almost every monster. Her Stamina Devourers has a 100% chance to drain the energy from the whole enemy team (at the expense of her own energy). Only a Super Attuned (or Hydratila) can do anything about it. She can fully recharge your whole team's energy, give a damage boost, and precision all in one go, has multiple freeze attacks. Lastly her Tough trait is one of the best. She's probably one of the most-used deniers in the game for good reason.

Caillech does quite a lot. She’s in the top half for speed and is immune to freeze. She has 3 separate freezing skills to choose from (two single enemy, one AoE), can give freeze, stun, and daze immunity to all allies, and can give precision and stamina regeneration to all allies. And I don’t usually mention special skills, but hers is just sick: freeze all enemies and drain all their stamina.

Second Tier:
Mommy, who is immune to possession, has two single target possession skills (one that possesses for two turns!). She can also stun the entire enemy team. Her remaining skills are about simply dealing damage or poisoning all enemies.

Queen Luthien has an amazing single stun skill with a zero turn cooldown, allowing you to hit whoever you need to with it at any point. She also gives a shield to all allies that blocks all damage from all attacks, except light-based, for one turn. Her other skills are fairly supportive, making her a great monster.

Lilysha has two skills that possess a single target (one of them possesses for two turns!). She can also stun a single target. She can’t stop an entire team in one hit, but she can the enemy’s denier or attacker against its allies.

Brynhilda is a water monster who is immune to possession. Her skills allow her to freeze all enemies, possess a single target while doubling their damage (although be careful; the double damage will last longer than the possession). Another ability has an abnormal 30% chance to possess all enemies. I’d rank her higher if this particular skill was better.

Violet has an AoE possession ability and is immune to possession herself. She can also blind a single target and, for whatever it's worth, poison a single target. She's not my go-to denier, but she's worth mentioning here.

Third Tier:
The little doll, Sarah, is another denier/supporter hybrid. She’s immune to stun and has two different skills that give stun to single targets. She can also give various immunities with two other attacks (freeze, stun, burning, and poison).

Nidaria, like many water deniers, is immune to freeze. While she can freeze and drain the stamina (50%) of single enemies, she can't do any AoE denials. Her damage output isn't particularly high, but she can cause poisoning and bleeding. In my opinion, she's more a secondary support/denier than a primary one.

I list Basthet here more as an honorable mention. She has only one skill that denies: one that stuns the entire enemy team. Outside of that, she’s no denier. But she can instantly double the life of your whole team (allowing them to take a big beating) AND give a single ally a 120% life shield. If you put the shield on after doubling their life, the aided monster will simply not die.


As I mentioned before there are some great attackers in this bunch, like Zyla the Faithful, Shallinar, Obsidiane, Little Red Furry Cap, Leviana, General Shannara, Cyan Nathura, Commander Alvid,
and Lau Lau (Fampira is more of an attacker, but I don't think she's that great).

There are some top rate supporters too: Kassia, Incognita, Gretchen, Demise, and Bright.