I placed this discussion here as I'm not familiar with any dragon other than the Drummer Dragon that can use these attacks. Forgive me if this belongs somewhere else.

Anyone else feel like these Primal attacks are grossly underpowered? Even if Primal Howl hits a dragon with the first element Pure three times, the damage adds up to be a tiny amount, far less than the other moves the Drummer Dragon knows. If you use the dojo and train all 4 of the stronger moves, Primitive Rumble still does little damage, and still does far less than the other 3 moves, even under the same circumstances.

One could argue that the attacks can also damage other inactive enemy dragons and heal the caster, but the extra damage is also tiny, even against Pure elements, and the healing is also tiny. With the Drummer Dragon, you're much better off using non-Primal attacks, even against Pure Dragons.