Hello everyone and welcome to my 250th analysis, this time featuring Zunobia.
Overview: Zunobia features some jaw-dropping stats for an attacker at 3509 Base Speed and 3729 Base Strength, both of which are among the highest numbers among attackers. These are further complimented by her access to Pierce, allowing her to make short work of other attackers - or at least seriously harm them - before they can even move. Zunobia has a wide variety of status efects under her belt aside from Pierce, like extra turns, Evasion, Curse, damage reductions and Guard Down, which allow her to adapt to most situations in battles. The lack of any deny effects in her kit is a little harmful, but it cannot even come close to making her weak.
Rank 0: Tough: An amazing trait, this gives Zunobia a good level of protection against debuffs.
Rank 1: Tough + Blind Immunity: Total Blind is a deny effect, and most Precision modifier strategies have Blind in their center, and with this Zunobia can break past these obstacles.
Rank 3: Tough + Blind Immunity + SC: True Vision: This makes it so that Zunobia cannot miss her attacks and the status effects they apply, even against Hardened variants (excluding Artifact). It is especially nice against Draghar's SC Sunburn and its annoyance level.

-Sparrow Princess
-Saved By Thorondor
-Garuda's Ascension/Villain For The Earthworm
-RIP Bloodwing/Villain For The Earthworm
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Swords and Essences

Build Explanation:
Sparrow Princess is Zunobia's strongest attack, and it also gives her Pierce during its damage calculation and Poison application, allowing her to deal massive damage to frail targets regardless of what protections they might have - this is especially effective versus Taunt + Dodge Area teams. Saved By Thorondor is a utility and damage extending skill, giving Zunobia Evasion without losing momentum and also Stamina Regeneration which delays her recharge time and makes her not affected by Stamina Drains, which is extremely good. Garuda's Ascension has low Base Power, but it makes up for this by applying Curse and Guard Down to all enemies, readying them for an assault. Lastly, RIP Bloodwing has better Base Power than Garuda's Ascension and it applies both Major Damage Reduction and Poison to all enemies, making them hit like feather. In place of either of the AOEs, Villain For The Earthworm can be used to deal damage equal to 50% of the target's Life and apply Positive Effect Block to it, assisted by Pierce.
2 Strength 1 Speed with Life Mutations is the standard on attackers.

Teammate Options: RIP Boodwing is very useful in tankier teams thanks to the sheer damage reduction it provides. Garuda's Ascension can be used in Torture and Stamina Draining strategies thanks to Curse, and the Guard Down is welcome in any team. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Zunobia: For Counter options, check out this article.