Here is a little visual how to in order to familiarize yourself with the new forum board:

0_1493902674619_starting point.png

  1. Select to show unread posts/topics
  2. Select to show recent posts/topics
  3. Select to show tagged posts/topics
  4. Select to show popular posts/topics
  5. Select to show bookmarked posts/topics
  6. Select to show users
  7. Select to show groups NOTE: You can get a list of the moderators here.
  8. Select to search
  9. Select to show notifications
  10. Select to use the chat feature. The chat feature replaces the private message feature of the old forum
  11. Select to edit your profile

0_1493902699554_posting a message.png

  1. Select to add Bold typeface to your text.
  2. Select to add Italics to your text.
  3. Add to add a list to your text
  4. Add to cross out the text.
  5. Add to add a web page to your post. NOTE: Only links to official Social Point or Forum pages will be accepted. Any other live links will be edited by moderators or administrators as per the forum rules.
  6. Add to link to a picture which is hosted on an outside web page.
  7. Add to change your view to full screen.
  8. Select to upload pictures. Pictures are limited to less than 900x900 in dimensions.
  9. This is where you enter your text/pictures for your post.
  10. This is where you can preview what your message will look like.
  11. Either select Discard to cancel out of your post/topic or submit to submit your post/topic.
  12. You will get this when responding to a poster.