Hello everyone and welcome to my 250th analysis, this time featuring Zunobia.
Overview: Hyperia has some very impressive stats, including a Base 38k Life and a monstrous 3762 Base Strength - the highest on viable monsters, and second highest in the game, both as of writing. His trait starts with a simple Stun Immunity, then gains the coveted Mega Taunt SC and then gets another SC, 50% Damage Mirror. The latter has significance because it means Hyperia, even without the need for Strength Runes, can do damage to enemies just by existing past Rank 3, making enemy attackers hesitate. What's more, this is perfect against AOE attacks since Mega Taunt will make them deal high amounts of damage to Hyperia, all of which will be reflected back on the attaceker - even monsters without Strength Runes will be hurt noticeably by this. An alternative attacker route is also available thanks to a couple of high powered moves and key status effects, along with his Base Strength. His Speed may be low, but this addition to the Mega Taunters family should not be underestimated.
Oh, and his GPM is massive. He's the first monster above 305 GPM that's been released in a VERY long time.

Rank 0: Stun Immunity: This is pretty basic, but it's best on Earth monsters since they tend to use Stun a lot, and Hyperia is an Earth monster. Basic, but nonetheless not bad and appreciated.
Rank 1: Stun Immunity + SC: Mega Taunt: This is the showing of a successful tank, as all of them need it. Extremely good trait that helps in countering deniers and attack boosting strategies alike, unless they involve Pierce.
Rank 3: Stun Immunity + SC: Mega Taunt + 50% Damage Mirror: I feel like I need to properly explain just how powerful the combination of these SCs is. First off, countering attackers and especially extra turn spammers is a given, since they must attack Hyperia and the great damage they deal will be reflected back on them. However, another major thing to note is AOEs: Hyperia will absorb all 3 instances of damage from AOEs (if all allies are alive, that is) and reflect half of all the damage he took back to the single attacker that launched it - any attacker WILL die to this if they do not have Evasion, and even deniers and supports will think twice before using their AOEs, since all 3 instances of an attack that is not boosted by Strength bonuses will still do some harm that non-tank monsters would want to avoid.

-Brutish Power!
-Defensive Also Be Good/Control? What's That?/One Punch Titan!
Runes: 3 Life
Mutant Rune options: Life&Strength
Relics: Armors and Masks

Build Explanation:
UUUHHHGG! is the obligatory Mega Taunt refresher that is found on all successful tanks, plus it applies Damage Reduction to all enemies in order to take their attacks better. Brutish Power! has excellent utility, as it removes all buffs from the enemy team and inflicts Shock to them, preventing extra turns or turn transfers, two big strategies commonly used in Monster Legends. If your Mega Taunt is removed again, you can use MEEEEEEN! to at least get a regular Taunt and refresh your Damage Mirror, remaking Hyperia into an attacker's worst nightmare. Lastly, two options exist; Defensive Also Be Good aids Hyperia with a 33% Life Shield to bolster longevity and Dazes the target. Control? What's That? is an alternative that gives no Shield, but the Daze is AOE, which synergizes nicely with UUUHHHGG!. The last option is One Punch Titan!, a purely offensive move that racks up nice damage with Quicksand - you can use it to snipe an attacker or an unfortunate AOE user that's been weakened by your SC.
3 Life is the standard on tanks, and since Hyperia has monstrous Base Strength, Strength Mutations are the best options for Mutant Runes, since they will amplify his damage nicely and allow him to finish off enemies that were damaged by Damage Mirror more easily.

-One Punch Titan!
-Brutish Power!
-Defensive Also Be Good/Control? What's That?
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Life/3 Strength
Mutant Runes: Strength&Life, Life&Strength

Build Explanation:
Thanks to his monstrous Base Strength stat, Hyperia can be an attacker, although not as successful as most other top tier attackers. One Punch Titan! is the star of the show here,
dealing ridiculous damage to its target when you combine its massive Base Power with the Quicksand. Brutish Power! is the obligatory powerful AOE, and it bypasses damage reducing or nullifying effects thanks to its buff removal before dealing damage, also the Shock it applies provides minimal damage extension and extra turn prevention, making it an all around great skill to have. Unfortunately, this is where the good stuff ends for Attacker Hyperia, as the rest of the moves are either subpar or tank oriented. UUUHHHGG! is the most impactful remaining skill in Hyperia's arsenal, and as for the last slot, you can choose Defensive Also Be Good if you want to get more survivability, or Control? What's That? for more AOE damage and general usefulness.
2 Strength 1 Life gives Hyperia a great damage output alongside much needed tankiness to fend off faster attackers, so that he may finish them off after they weaken themselves. An alternative is purely 3 Strength, which makes Hyperia hit like a nuke, at the cost of being unable to utilize his Mega Taunt nearly as well. In both cases, get Life and Strength Mutations wherever possible, to squeeze in as much tankiness and damage output as possible.

Teammate Options: By nature, Tank Hyperia is a monster that is capable of weakening most enemies but not killing them outright. For this reason, it is advised to have an attacker alongside him or other monsters capable of doing damage, such as Torture users like Saulot or Draghar - the latter can serve as both too. For Attacker Hyperia, it is in your best interests to use a turn transfer strategy involving damage buffs, like Samael the Plague Carrier or Samael the Fever Scatterer, to quickly deal massive damage to the enemy team. Otherwise, pair him with deniers to stop problematic enemies like buff removers or fast Dark attackers who can stop Hyperia before he can even move. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Hyperia: Most of Tank Hyperia's pressure comes from the combination of his SCs, so removing it will make him lose a great deal of that pressure. Do not let an Attacker Hyperia hit you, as the target will rarely survive if they're not a tank. For more Counter options, check out this article.