Hello everyone and welcome to my 251st analysis, this time featuring Clipeum.
Overview: Clipeum's massive Base Life of 45k along with Taunt as a trait and a moveset that any monster aspiring to be a tank would be green with envy just by looking at it makes him a top tier choice. Celestial is a great boon to Clipeum too, as it blocks Stun and Bleeding, making him harder to deny and giving him immunity to a common Torture. Clipeum can be both a tank and a support at the same time thanks to his diverse and powerful buffs, something that not many other tanks can claim to do. He is an extremely passive monster, but he excels at what he does.

Runes: 3 Life
Mutant Rune options: Life&Speed
Relics: Armors and Shields

Build Explanation:
Fortitudine gives Clipeum the obligatory Mega Taunt, and it Dazes all enemies, helping with both status effects and attackers. Caritas is an immensely powerful support skill; it gives your team Precision and Evasion, but be careful because it removes all positive effects from Clipeum. Humanitas is useful for curing a teammate of debuffs while losing no momentum, which is very valuable and flexible. Lastly, Patientia counters Stamina Drain almost completely as it gives all teammates 50% Stamina while costing 0 Stamina itself. Alternatives include Industria, which has a 50% chance to apply two random deny effects to a single target, and Iustitia to rack up damage on enemies.
3 Life with Speed Mutations is a standard on tanks.

Teammate Options: If you somehow give Clipeum Positive Effects Protection, Caritas will not remove his buffs. A monster with Skill Mirror can be targeted by Humanitas to make it a turn transfer skill. If you pair Clipeum up with a Dodge Area monster, your enemy will not be able to touch that monster for as long as Clipeum lives or keeps his trait since he will draw in all single target attacks. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Clipeum: Even for a tank, Clipeum is extremely passive, so if left alone, he is unlikely to win a battle. Aside from Humanitas, Clipeum has no debuff removals and relies almost entirely on buffs, so applying Nanovirus or Positive Effects Block to him will ruin him. For more Counter options, check out this article.