Hello everyone and welcome to my 253rd analysis, this time featuring Makugan.
Overview: Makugan takes the most basic idea attackers have and takes it to its extremes: hurting stuff real bad. Possessing one of the highest Base Strength stats in the game along with a fantastic Base Speed for an attacker, Makugan's stats show that she is a fierce attacker. These are futher backed up by a vicious moveset and an immunity to Possession and Stun, which helps out a lot - especially the Possession Immunity nullifies the chances of Makugan turning on you. Access to some key status effects like buff removal, Nanovirus and Evasion Makes makugan a major threat on the battlefield. She may not have any deny effects, but who needs them when your target is dead?

-Reflective Camouflage
-Enemies Without Benefits
-Blades Queen
-Iron Maiden/Bad Things Come/Indefatigable Assassin
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/3 Strength
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Swords and Masks

Build Explanation:
Reflective Camouflage prepares Makugan for a devastating next turn; it may not have a super high Base Power, but it gives all enemies Metal Weakness and gives her Evasion to get said next turn without interruption. Enemies Without Benefits does massive damage to its target - possibly kill it outright - and it's hard to avoid this move since it removes the target's buffs before doing damage, and the Nanovirus it applies to all enemies is also a very much appreciated bonus to not only extend damage, but also serve as a Positive Effects Block. Blades Queen is the basic AOE that most attackers have - good Base Power, with a Torture effect on top. Bleeding helps soften up attackers which is very nice, allowing Makugan to avoid one-shots from enemy attackers (bar extra turn spammers). The last slot has a few options; Iron Maiden followed up by Enemies Without Benefits will kill anything that doesn't have Life Runes, plus extra turn by itself has a lot of utility such as reducing important CDs and getting rid of Total Blind. Bad Things Come is a nerfed Enemies Without Benefits that deals lower damage and applies Nanovirus to one enemy, with the buff removal still being present. The last option is Indefatigable Assassin. It has 50 Base Power which is not too impressive, but it has 0 CD and 0 Stamina cost, allowing Makugan to keep on attacking even while her Stamina is drained - this is extremely effective when combined with Jasastur's Mask (if you have one) to not only greatly restore Stamina and not lose a turn recharging, but to also drain the enemy's, making them lose momentum.
2 Strength 1 Speed with Life Mutations is the standard for attackers. 3 Strength is a feasible alternative on Makugan since Enemies Without Benefits would have a very real chance of one-shotting the average monster with that Rune spread.

Teammate Options: Pairing Makugan up with Warmaster Thalassa essentially gives her Control Immunity, making her even more deadly. For more Teammate Options , check out this article.

Countering Makugan: Buff removal is crucial to get rid of her Evasion. A Taunt monster is very effective to protect your frailer monsters against her nuclear single target attacks. For more Counter Options , check out this article.