Fall is here and you know what that means… We’re getting closer to Halloween!

But what other surprises does October have in store for our Dragon Masters? Let’s find out!

30 Sept - 3 Oct: Wildlife (Grid Island)
New Dragon: Savage Dragon

3 Oct - 10 Oct: Runner Island: A brand new Island packed with Wind Dragons!
New Dragons: Arctic Wind Dragon, Wind Lord Dragon, Storm Bringer Dragon

10 Oct - 21 Oct: 7 Wonders (Maze Island)
New Dragons: Taj Mahal Dragon, Pyramid Dragon, Petra Dragon, Machu Picchu Dragon

11 Oct - 16 Oct: Dragon Rescue
New Dragons: Colosseum Dragon, Chichen Itza Dragon, Great Wall Dragon

21 Oct - 24 Oct: Mafia (Tower Island)
New Dragon: Kingpin Dragon

24 Oct - 4 Nov: Halloween Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Diabolical Dragon

28 Oct - 31 Oct: Zombie (Maze Island)
New Dragons: Zombie Terra, Zombie Nature

This month we will also be offering other special Temporary Quests, new Dragon Skins, and special Breeding Events! For the special breeding combinations, be sure to check the game’s Breeding Event Island!

There will be lots of offers coming as well, so make sure you come back frequently to get the dragons you want and need!

See you back on the Islands!