Hello everyone and welcome to my 253rd analysis, this time featuring Frosilka.
Overview: A support with Dodge Area and a more-than-impressive 3575 Base Speed, Frosilka can ruin deniers that achieve their goals with sticking debuffs. She can remove debuffs from allies and buffs from enemies, alongside being able to give her team Control Immunity. She packs some heals and Stamina gains, which make her a well-rounded buffer. Unfortunately, Frosilka may fail to impress in terms of her moveset after looking at big names like Warmaster Elvira and Samael, but Dodge Area is nevertheless a huge boon for a support.

-Dehibilitating Grace
-Devious Protection
-Cleansing the Cold
-Secretive Safeguard/Purifying Gaze
Runes: 3 Team Speed
Mutant Rune options: Team Speed&Team Life
Relics: Masks and Amulets

Build Explanation:
Dehibilitating Grace is a basic AOE buff removal. Devious Protection gives your team Control Immunity, which can counter deny effects that already exist and prevent new ones from being applied. Cleansing the Cold is mostly used for the Life and Stamina restoration. Lastly, Secretive Safeuard is a spammable debuff control while Purifying Gaze servess the same purpose, but it is free in neither of Stamina nor CD departments, in exchange for restoring 20% Life to all allies
3 Team Speed with Team Life mutations offers your team Speed and is a standard for supports, but it can be tweaked to include regular Speed, since it is in your best interests to outspeed as many allies as you can to rid them of the debuffs they take from enemies.

Teammate Options: Frosilka can be great in tanky teams with Taunt monsters, since she has Dodge Area to render herself invulnerable for as long as that tank lasts. Being a support focusing on buff/debuff control is also a key element in this combo. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Frosilka: Frosilka is extremely passive. Also, she fails against deniers that use Stamina Drain and CD Activation or strategies that don't use many debuffs in general. For more Counter options, check out this article.