Hello everyone and welcome to my 6th analysis, this time featuring Lucifire the Helltaser.
Generally speaking, all forms of Lucifire share most of the key moves that makes the monster so powerful, so whether you buy Hopefreezer, Helltaser or even Lifemelter is not a huge loss or a huge win for you, though I personally picked this one because of her higher Speed.
Lucifire the Helltaser is the fastest of the 3 Lucifire forms, which is a great asset that allows her to be the fastest Fire monster tied with Shallinar, General Darmith and Tulekahju. She possesses astounding base stats as well, which allows her to perform a supportive role since Lucky Fire and her amazing 3663 Base Strength allow her to deal high damage even without Strength runes, and she has Darmith Ch.9. Having access to Thunder attacks as a Fire monster only adds to her awesomeness, allowing her to go head to head with Water monsters. She also happens to be immune to Freeze and Burn, which makes her immune to one of the most common denying methods commonly used. However, not even Lucifire is without her flaws, as Kaih the Eradicator poses a great challenge to her offensive role and defensive slot in Team Wars due to his Bulwark trait, plus you have to spend good amounts of money in order to gain access to Lucky Fire and Ch.9.

-Hearthseeker Slash//Hearthseeker Blow
-Lucky Fire//Demonic Tears
-Darmith Ch.9//Darmith Ch.5
-Darmith Ch.6/Hearthseeker
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed//2 Speed 1 Strength/ 3 Speed
(Two slashes on moves means get the move on the right if Lucifire's level is not high enough to learn the move)
(If you have all Group 3 moves learned on a Nemesis monster at the same time, the next time you'd normally learn a Group 3 move, a Group 4 move will show up instead. Using this method it's possible to have 2 Group 4 moves on a level 100 Nemesis, by replacing the 4th move you have with the Group 4 you're offered, then replacing one of the Group 3 moves with the other Group 4.)
Get the Group 4 moves in this order: Lucky Fire, Darmith Ch. 9, Hearthseeker Slash. Hearthseeker Slash and Hearthseeker Blow are very similar moves; both hit hard and Stun. Lucky Fire is the most powerful Fire type AOE move to date, applying both Ignite and Burn. Not having this move will suck terribly, but Demonic Tears is the closest thing available. Darmith Ch.9 is the bane of Fire monsters, removing all buffs and applying Blind+Dmg. Reduction. Again with the case of Lucky Fire, not having this is very painful, but Ch.5 does the same thing only on one enemy. The last slot goes to Darmith Ch.6 for protection vs. Fire moves, or Hearthseeker for more damage+0 CD. 2 Strength 1 Speed is the straightforward way, but with Ch.9 and Lucky Fire, 3 Speed becomes a legit option since she has enough damage even without Strength runes, plus Ch.9 is actually a good pseudo-deny move. If you don't like having no damage of your own, 2 Speed 1 Strength is still fine to outspeed the majority of Fire monsters.

Teammates: Without increased levels, Lucifire doesn't have much synergy with other monsters, so read this only if your Lucifire knows moves from Group 4. Monsters with Sticky Lava increase the damage of Lucky Fire. Any AOE Daze with basically immobilize all enemies for 2 turns since they will most likely not hit you at all. The Precision granted to you by Ch.6 can be taken advantage of by Demise, who can use Strength from Beyond to give Lucky Fire or Ch.9 a clear shot.

Countering Lucifire the Helltaser: If you're looking for a counter in Fire monsters, your only hope is to be faster than her, and have enough monster/rune levels to kill her in one clean hit. Lucifire the Hopefreezer's single target Freeze move will likely kill her in one shot, though she is slower and could get Stunned. Otherwise, Kaih the Eradicator or General Darmith, with their traits, can dodge Ch 9.'s Damage Reduction and/or Blind, giving them an advantage.