Hello everyone and welcome to my 10th analysis, this time featuring Metalhead.
Even to this day, the obscenely versatile Metalhead remains as one of the best Metal monsters out there. He shows great prowess as both denier and attacker, and has awesome base stats to boot. However, Metalhead's Speed, while definitely not bad, is not the best out there and as such is outsped by the likes of Cavenfish and Krampus. Plus, it is extremely difficult to choose a definite moveset for Metalhead as he has a whopping 6 viable moves that can all be used. Still, Metalhead is still a very good choice for a monster and even better choice as a Metal monster.
-Kill Them All!
-In the Darkest Hour/Justice for All
-Shouting for Vengeance/In the Darkest Hour
Runes: 3 Speed

This is the deny variant of Metalhead. KTA Stuns all enemies and Paranoia's Possession can be game changing if the target uses a crucial attack. The last two slots should be either ITDH and SFV or JFA and ITDH. ITDH rids Metalhead of Possession by the likes of Mechamancer, JFA provides good residual damage and SFV is effective against Timerion even without Strength runes. 3 Speed is necessary as a denier.

-Kill Them All!
-Shouting for Vengeance
-Justice for All!/In the Darkest Hour
-Ace of Hearts
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

This is the offensive variation of Metalhead. KTA is standard and SFV is much more important due to the increase in Strength. The choice between JFA and ITDH depends on you wanting more AOE damage or power vs. Possession, but I'd suggest JFA more. Ace of Hearts is unresisted high damage that also gives Precision to aid KTA and JFA. 2 Strength 1 Speed gives Metalhead Strength to deal heavy damage. Keep in mind that this set also qualifies as a secondary denier thanks to KTA.

Teammates: Metalhead is a monster that you can literally stick to any team and make it work because it's stupidly versatile. Synergy-wise, Fenrir can give him Triple Damage without Stunning him, which works good with his unresisted AOEs.

Countering Metalhead: Grabbing a Stun-immune monster is one of the best ways to counter Metalhead. It's even better if said monster has a deny move of his own, like Varuna and Brontes. Monsters with useful self skills, like General Darmith and General Atum also do good against Metalhead as Paranoia won't work on them except for Nightmares which is negligible.