Hello everyone and welcome to my 13th analysis, this time featuring Ukuduma.
Ukuduma has a pretty weird moveset since it has attributes of both a support and an attacker. Nonetheless, he has a rather good matchup vs. VoltaiK thanks to his Team Shield and Damage Reduction, which is nice and is a good attacker himself. Unfortunately for this monster, his supportive side is rather weak since it doesn't have powerful effects such as deny effects and Blind. Plus, his trait is almost useless in Thunder wars.

-Power Drainer
-High Voltage Release/Carapace Grow
-Energy Infusion
-Electric Shelter
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/ 2 Speed 1 Strength/ 3 Team Speed

Power Drainer does high unresisted damage and applies Damage Reduction, softening up attackers. High Voltage Release is a strong AOE move with the golden 45 Base Power, but Carapace Grow is also a supportive option that gives you +5 Stamina after using it, in addition to removing debuffs. Energy Infusion makes his and his teammates' attacks stronger and more accurate and it removes debuffs like Carapace Grow. The last slot goes to Electric Shelter to protect your team from being wiped out by VoltaiK or Zyla. 2 Strength 1 Speed is his attacker spread and you should get HVL in this spread. 2 Speed 1 Strength outspeeds VoltaiK and 3 Team Speed is applicable since he can do without Speed or Strength as well.

Teammates: Ukuduma forms a good team with monsters that have 2 AOE deny moves since Ukuduma can guarantee the 2nd round will hit thanks to Energy Infusion. Reptie can be combined with him to wipe out the enemy through the combo of Damage Boost+Triple Damage.

Countering Ukuduma: Any monster who removes debuffs such as Nemestrinus or Lucifire will greatly hamper Ukuduma's supportive side. AOE Shielders stop his high damage AOE from killing your team. Be careful of using AOE Possession if he has 3 Speed(for some reason) since he can then rid his team of the status.