Hello everyone and welcome to my 14th analysis, this time featuring White Pandalf.
White Pandalf used to be one of the premier Magic monsters thanks to being one of the few monsters who had access to Possession. Even now, he is a solid monster; immunity to Possession is a very good thing for a Magic monster, and he also has access to a single target Stun. In addition, he can also perform the role of an attacker, although he is outclassed in that role by many other monsters. Ensorcelled Words lost a bit of its luster with the addition Dr. Hazard's toxins to the debuff pool, but it is still very effective. Sometimes, you can get off his special move, which is one of the most powerful special moves in the entire game.

-Bewitched Words
-Ensorcelled Words
-Stunning Staff
-Stamina Staff
Runes: 3 Speed

Bewitched Words exhausts the target's Stamina extremely quickly, by applying Possession and Stamina leak. Ensorcelled Words halts the enemy's buffing shenanigans and possibly denies one or two monsters. Stunning Staff is a Stun, and Stamina Staff is a very spammable move that grants you 29 free Stamina. 3 Speed allows him to fulfill his deny duties. Another approach is to use Power Outburst and Spell Concussion instead of the two Words and give him 2 Strength and 1 Speed, but an attacker role is better performed by the likes of Malair and Scarr the Outcast.

Teammates: A denier is a must have in any team, so a monster like White Pandalf should always be used. However, White Pandalf finds more use in Team Wars where his trait can truly shine and can put his Stunning Staff to better use, plus he doesn't have an AOE deny move.

Countering White Pandalf: White Pandalf is very luck-based, so the best thing to do is to have a Stun-immune or Possession-immune monster to render Stunning Staff and Bewitched Words mostly useless. The worst thing that can happen with this monster is him getting off his special attack, which is about the most game-changing attack in the entire game, so try not to give him many turns.