Hell everyone and welcome to my 15th analysis, this time featuring Scarr the Outcast.
Being the first VIP to ever be released, Scarr is a very powerful monster. His base stats are all very good and his trait is outright amazing. He has a movepool fitting of both a very powerful attacker and an effective supporter, all in one set. On top of all this, he has a Self move, which renders Possession effects useless so long as it's off CD. With his stats and moveset combined, Scarr is very close to being the perfect monster, with the only things that hold him back from this being the CD of his moves, not having a proper deny move and his Speed being tied to most deny monsters.

-Outcast Charge/Exile Bleed
-Amplified Power
-Vagrant Ownage
-Witchcraft Area
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Outcast Charge deals very high damage and applies Bleed to the target, which reduces the target's power. Alternatively, Exile Bleed has 0 CD. Amplified Power is Scarr's weapon against his Magic brethren, and his tool to make the next move, Vagrant Ownage, hit everyone and hit everyone really hard. The last slot goes to Witchcraft Area, who can apply deny effects, plus it's an AOE move. 2 Strength 1 Speed allows Scarr to hit hard at the expense of some Speed. 2 Speed 1 Strength is also acceptable since Amplified Power makes his damage high as it is, and the 2 Speed outspeeds attackers with 1 Speed rune.

Teammates: You can fit Scarr on almost any team, but make sure it has a denier since Witchcraft Area's chance of denying is slim at best. The Keeper makes all enemies weak to Magic attacks, which could be very useful in the event of a Magic-Magic-Magic war.

Countering Scarr the Outcast: Countering Scarr is a very daunting task since he has the Bulwark trait. However, monsters with CDs Activated or Stamina Drain can bypass Bulwark and mostly shut him down, although he may be running a 0 CD move in the case of CDs Activated. Having tanky monsters is another method of dealing with Scarr- Igursus is especially good at this since he can reflect back Witchcraft Area if he isn't Possessed, or he can reflect Outcast Charge, which can make Scarr Bleed, reducing the power of his moves.