Hello everyone and welcome to my 16th analysis, this time featuring Commander Alvid.
Alvid is one of those monsters who were kind of hyped when they were released, but then just kind of forgotten. She has a rather useless trait plus low Life, which is bad for Fire monsters since they'll usually one shot her. Still, her Speed is good and her movepool is also great. She also has a very deadly special move for a Fire type since Possessing an attacker-heavy element is very effective. In terms of Library, Alvid belongs to 3 whle books, but is subpar at most in all of them.

-Green Alvid Phantom
-Red Alvid Phantom
-Blue Alvid Phantom
-Phantom Gunpowder
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Red, Green and Blue Phantoms are all Special AOEs that Burn, Poison and drain 20% Stamina, respectively. Them being Special is very useful since they're unresisted, plus Poison lowers the power of attackers and Blue Phantom can deny enemies once they're low on Stamina. Phantom Gunpowder has 0 CD and 65 Base Power, so it's excellent for an attacker. 2 Strength 1 Speed allows Alvid to hit as hard as possible since her Base Strength is not too high and her AOEs have low Base Power. However, 2 Speed 1 Strength outspeeds almost all Fire monsters that run standard spreads, plus it allows her to apply her AOE statuses quicker, though I think it's subpar compared to 2 Strength 1 Speed due to the drop in power.

Teammates: After using one of her AOEs, Demise can use Strength From Beyond to allow her to use another, dealing great damage. Monsters with Sticky Lava make Phantom Gunpowder hit extremely hard. AOE Bleed, when combined with al these status effects, will wither down enemies extremely quick.

Countering Commander Alvid: A monster who can remove debuffs will easily counter Alvid since her AOEs don't have high power. Otheeise, just hit her with strong attacks from the likes of General Darmith and she will go down easily.