Hello everyone and welcome to my 258th analysis, this time featuring Hornet.
Overview: Take the game's word for it - Hornet is blazing fast, having a Base Speed of 3608. With this much Speed, Hornet can ruin enemy SCs or even deny them, giving him a lot of appeal for a support. His trait evolution is also impressive, giving him very strong tools like Dodge Area and Anticipation. Interestingly, none of Hornet's attacks damage enemies directly - instead, they deduct based on maximum Life, making Hornet great against tanks. When you put the ability to apply powerful effects like Nanovirus on top of all these, Hornet makes for a very dangerous support that can easily soften up enemies for your big players to do the cleanup.

Rank 0: Hardened: Pretty basic and always good to have.
Rank 1: Hardened + Dodge Area: There are no words that can describe how powerful this is. One of the best standalone traits in the game, if not the best.
Rank 3: Hardened + Dodge Area + SC: Anticipation: Hornet's beast of a trait is made even better with this addition, allowing him to stop extra turners. This becomes even more important when you consider the fact that he has Total Blind, a debuff that is normally easily cleaned by an extra turn attack.

-Blind Corners
-DP26 Syndrome
-Anti Brutish System
-Satu Hati/Smoked Helmet
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life, Team Speed&Team Life
Relics: Banners and Masks

Build Explanation:
Blind Corners gives all enemies Total Blind and Guard Down while removing 30% Life from its initial target, acting as a pseudo-deny move since enemies would have to use debuff removal first to do anything against you. DP26 Syndrome removes 30% Life from its initial target, then removes all buffs from all enemies and gives them Nanovirus, which is one of the most powerful Tortures in the game. Anti Brutish System is a pretty effective debuff cleaning move that also protects your allies from the 2 biggest debuff types; Tortures and Control effects. Lastly, Satu Hati is yet another debuff clean, but it also offers the rare Positive Effect Protection, which can be used to great success alongside the likes of Wyrmlad and Warmaster Sherezar that remove buffs from their teammates (or just themselves). If you do not value this, you can use Smoked Helmet instead, a more offense oriented move that removes 20% Life from its initial target, then gives all enemies Major Damage Reduction and Blind, greatly reducing their damage output - that is, if they hit through the Blind.
3 Speed is a very valid spread on Hornet, since he will very likely outspeed most 3 Speed enemies and Total Blind them. This becomes even more powerful post Rank 3, where deniers with extra turns to rid themselves of the Total Blind, like Zeighar and Warmaster Sherezar (Great Dispell won't work on Hornet thanks to Dodge Area), will get interrupted by Anticipation. You can run the standard 3 Team Speed of supports too, but this might end up wasting his massive Base Speed stat. Mutations, like most of the time, are Life and Team Life, respectively.

Teammate Options: There are monsters that can benefit from Satu Hati's Positive Effect Protection, like Ugluk, Wyrmlad and Rocigon. Smoked Helmet can aid tank teams very well with its Major Damage Reduction. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Hornet: Immunity to Blind will prevent Hornet from denying you - Warmaster Elvira gives her team Blind Immunity just by existing. Keep in mind that Hornet will never benefit from damage boosts as his skills always deal a set percentage of damage. His skills also are not decisive effects - rather, they set up his teammates for big finishers, so don't be afraid to take a couple of them if you must. For more Counter options, check out this article.